Back to School with Bubbsy & Gracie, and Bubbsy goes caveman with a dinosaur

Bubbsy and Gracie (Magpie) came home last week and started school today.1358463164323
She's a Tomboy

Yea I know weird but really, after living here as long as I have, which I only just realized is about double what I thought off the top of my head, the idea of going back to school mid July has grown on me.  I still haven’t adjusted my seasons but …

I have no pity for the kids going back to school this time.  Why?  Because it is 120,000 degrees F outside and they would be at home sitting inside playing video games or watching TV or bugging the crap out of each other and me.  Not so much that they bother the crap out of me, except when they are bored and bugging the crap out of each other..then I am certainly bugged.

Stark Raving Mad (TV series)

Which is putting it mildly.

They get two weeks off in October..  for those of you who think it was mean for me to have no sympathy.  The weather is beautiful then and they can go outside and run wild and not be so buggy.

I am glad they are home, I missed them but you can just keep that to yourselves.

The other night, Bubbsy woke me up around 4 ish in the morning after having a bad dream.  I wasn;t really asleep and in fact, I had to use the bathroom and he was waiting for me outside the door when I was finished and I almost screamed.  Surprisingly I didn’t, I must have heard some little scuffling noise that got my radar up and ready for the surprise  Normally when caught unaware in the middle of the dark hallway at 4 am, I have no restraint and holler at the top of my lungs.

Ok I haven’t ever done the 4 am thing but been caught unawares in a dark hallway plenty of  times and 100% of time I just let loose.

Shouldnt really be something tested under repeated trials. but various members of the Gaggle at any given time, find it highly amusing to scare the crap out of me.  Which is another good reason they need school and now.

It happens at all times of the day, you have no idea the lengths they will go to completely undo my composure and have me screaming like a little school girl and I think once I overheard them up the ante to see if I would.. um.. well lose control of my bladder..  sick little birds, oh yes.

I am quite proud.

So I open the door and there he is rubbing his sleepy little boy eyes and asking me to come and sing him a song.

If you have a gaggle of kids or just a couple, when the youngest is right on the verge of the age your older ones stopped wanting lullabyes, and he comes and asks you to sing one, my best unsolicited advice is to embrace that moment and sing two or three even.   Just saying.

So we go in and I tuck him back in bed and ask him what his dream was about.

This is how the conversation went;

T-Rex (Photo credit: mcdlttx)

B:  A  TRex, great big (are there any other kind?) and making a mess and really scary.

L: Wow that is a little scary, I think I would kinda be scared of a TRex too but what was it doing?

Now here in the story, well it gets a little hard to follow, so I am going to give you the condensed version to ave a little time…

B:  jumping, running, roaring (not from what I can tell, to be confused with RAWRING) and we (I didn’t ask) were trying to make it go away and he was trying to not go away..fireworks, big teeth, strong tail, stinky breath..some thing or other about others disappearing but where I am not sure.

L: Huh that sounds like an action adventure dream more than a nightmare to me.  Not that it isn’t scary I get ya but it’s your dream see, you are in control and if you remember your dream as well as you do then you were aware enough to be the director.  See?

B:  Ohhhhh  yea I know what you mean..  (who knows if he did or not but I am going to go with he has some concept because this kid is scary smart.  Not just my opinion) ..  😛

Bricks by the Bay 2010 - teaser 2

L:  yea see so next time he shows up in your dream you just have to kick his … butt and tell him get out of your dream he has smelly breath.  I’m curious though how he came to be in the middle of where we live and in this time being as how dinosaurs are extinct?

B:  It wasn’t now, I was a caveman.

English: Caveman stick figure.

L: I see well you know what I bet you were a pretty darn good caveman.

B:  (looking a little close to sheepish)  I ran away.

Now, this here, at least in my mind is one of those moments where what you say to your child can change the way they view the world forever.  True story.  I happen to like the way Bubbsy sees things at his 6 yo self and don’t want to deter him from his hopes and dreams by unwittingly criticizing instead of supporting.  So many of these moments are so easy to miss and the wrong thing, or something flippant , without thought what you are about to say might have a lot of weight to the child…

Every once in a while, you see the moment and are given the opportunity to say the best thing instead of the mindless thing…

This was one of those moments.  I mean if I bungled it here, Bubbsy will never pursue the caveman craft.   🙄   He clearly was not feeling good about his decision to run as a caveman and I was not going to add to his angst.  Better?

I looked at him a minute, more like 15 to 20 … maybe 25 seconds and said;

There ya go.  Any caveman worth a hill of beans knows that the smartest thing to do when faced with a thrashing gnashing TRex is to run, and fast.  You are an excellent caveman Bubbsy.


Tell me then how did it end?

Bubbsy lay his sweet little head on the pillow so I could rub his back and replied with eyes closed:

He ate me.

The Cave Boy of the Age of Stone
The Cave Boy of the Age of Stone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the Gracie / Magpie camp this fine first day of school, I am proud to announce another of my daughters blogging along with me.  Magpie’s Glitter has been up for a couple of days and we have a kink or two to work out but I thought this the perfect time to tell you about it so you could go over and give her a little support.. Another of those tenuous moments where we could change the course of this young bird’s life ya know?

                                                                       ————— >        MAGPIE”S GLITTER    <——————

and that is the way it is here in the desert heat this July day.  Little birds are back in school, one dreaming of dinosaurs and one writing of shiny things.

Me?  I am just enjoying it all.


11 thoughts on “Back to School with Bubbsy & Gracie, and Bubbsy goes caveman with a dinosaur

  1. It was good to see your kids this summer. I’m sure they’ll be more than half grown the next time, but let’s hope not.

    1. They had a ball and I am so glad they got to spend some time with the family.. wish I could have made it too.. I woulda sent them on a snipe hunt tho 😉 hope to see you soon.. and thank you so much for checking out my ramblings.. I really do appreciate it 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂 every now and again I can nail it… you should hear what I told them about where the blue stuff in the airplane goes.. eh.. might have missed that one. 😉 I am surprised every day by my kids…and Bubbsy is such a sweet loving child …always with a hug when you didn’t even realize you needed one and so smart! I am blown away more by his vocabulary and his understanding of the words he uses. He and Magpie both are just amazing and I am truly blessed with all my children. I think I probably would be smart to do more posts like this so I dont forget ..we always think we won’t but I certainly have lost quite a bit of what my older kids did ….Bubbsy has a book coming out soon inspired by his brocolli predicament… broccoli why do you mock me? 🙂

    1. aww thanks Gail.. ♥ I am actually inspired by my kids even more than I thought and have felt much lighter since they have been home.. creatively and emotionally – which I am not sure are separate things eh? but I think I am getting that gotta do it now thing with the book …

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