Weekly Photo Challenge; Fleeting

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17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge; Fleeting

    1. thank you – it may be fleeting but I felt the need show up for a while… this damn bird should be a mocking bird – and it does hover an instand usually long enough for me to get my camera on then bye bye… if I don;t have my camera..it will sit on the branch of the tree… I have seen it sit for up to five minutes .. yesterday I got dive bombed cause I needed to reill the feeder.. but they are fun.

  1. Hummingbirds are my favorite! I have a feeder here, but they are scarce right now. It’s cold and rainy. They love the warm/hot weather like I do. I’ve missed you Lizzie, so great to see you back.

      1. I went to the link! They’re wonderful and fast…too fast for the naked eye, I wonder if I would need a tripod ❤

      2. I think I might have got a cleearer pic with a tripod, although I put my camera on burst so once I staeted taking pics.. .I threw out about five for every one I kept… try it. It took me about a month of forgetting to bring my camera and watching them watch me… but it was worth it. We have a nest in the tree I think now too 🙂

      3. Awww a nest. Wow. One of my fondest memories as a child was birdwatching out of the bay window, but I never had humming birds to watch. Maybe if I sit on the patio with my camera…I have burst too! Now I’m ready for the sunshine this weekend, Thanks love!

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