A-Z Challenge; I is for Ignorance Mental Moment

I is for…Ignorance

A while back I wrote a post called Stupid is Stupid but Ignorance is Bliss.

It was in my early blogging days and while I stand by much of what I wrote at the time

Today’s Mental Moment…

is about how the Ignorance is bliss philosophy can, and often does, go to far.

In many ways we can benefit by choosing to remain ignorant of certain topics and situations.

The American cover for ''The Book of General I...

A person who has high anxiety about the crap going on in the world they can do absolutely nothing to change, chooses to limit their exposure to news and media, thereby becoming ignorant of some, if not all current events, they may find their anxiety greatly reduced.

However, choosing ignorance should never be an excuse for bad behavior.

Consider This:

Ignorance and stupidity  are not the same thing.

Ignorance can be fixed, and when a person acts ignorantly it is often more detrimental and insulting then if the were just stupid.

For example,  ostracize anyone who is different or incapacitated mentally or physically due to archaic beliefs is ignorance gone to far.

With the availability of information on any condition that would cause finger-pointing or back turning or rumor mongering …the ignorance of people who continue to hold prejudice without understanding out of fear are ignorant beyond the pale.

Fear is why we turn away.  FEAR not faced breeds ignorance that should not be tolerated yet is widely spread by people who choose to perpetuate and not educate.

Ignorance (novel)

A child never should hear from another’s mouth  – I’m not allowed to play with you because.. (you are mentally or physically different from me? )

That comes from the ignorant parent who sees the “damaged” child as a threat…and also fears their affliction might be contagious or something ignorant like that.

Or racial prejudice..or sexism..or…you get what I am saying here?

We are all here together.  To shun anyone from ignorance, because we  lack of want  to learn and do better…

I thought it wasn’t as prevalent anymore, but I have recently been,   not only exposed to it myself, but heard a story of the way a friend’s autistic children were treated by a  community, which broke my heart.

Ignorance is bliss if you know why and what you are doing and use it wisely.

But when it’s used to wrongly condemn or tease or shun another human being,

it’s just plain stupidity.

To your Mental State, whatever it may be..



19 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge; I is for Ignorance Mental Moment

  1. I use the word ignorant a lot. Most people I know are ignorant not stupid or moronic or imbecilic. There’s huge differences between the words.

    You are intelligent and interesting. But you may be ignorant about professional football defenses or 1970s punk music. I can help you with those.


  2. Prejudice is the ultimate ignorance.

    I had to get my neighbour sectioned yesterday because he was on a suicide kick after being victimised by the local kids as they used to victimise me for decades.

    I was stronger than Tony so I got through it, but Tony stopped taking his medication and set about getting his affairs in order ready to kill himself.

    I was his savior, but it was an awful thing to have to do…

    Ignorance and prejudice really suck… 😦

    Love and hugs!


  3. Stupidity is not a Virtue and neither is ignorance bliss.
    Belief systems are sometimes construed to be prisons of the mind.
    “Once the Conditioned reflex is programmed into the individual he/she becomes an automaton and so therefore illusion of free will is but his ignorance of the causes which make him act.”

    Then there is no free will.
    The result of sin is Ignorance.
    General Knowledge is remote knowledge, it is in Particulars that wisdom consists and happiness too.

    “Speak in hard words what you believe to be true today and watch tomorrow how everything you say tomorrow will contradict everything you said yesterday.”
    R W Emerson
    And that’s okay it’s called growth.

    I may not believe what you say, but I’ll fight for your right to say it.
    As the opposite of stupidity is intelligence so too the opposite of awareness is ignorance and so therefore break on through to the other side…The Awareness side.

    For may I tell you ignorance has it’s reign right now in America and the world, but someday Truth will subjugate the world.

    Individual & Collective man’s greatest enemy is Ignorance, not only ignorance of objective reality but more importantly ignorance of self.

    “That which can be explicit to the idiot isn’t worth a button.”
    Wm Blake
    I like reading your posts.
    “The Sixties aren’t over, My generation will make it right we’ll be taking over soon.
    “IAM” Ms Jaime

    1. It is sad and so not necessary – that kind of ignorance stems from failure to understand and fear… why is it even an issue anymore..all the awareness campaigns and such? the incidents I speak of – on directly aimed at me and the one to wards my friend’s children, so hurt me not only in their stupidity but the fact such ignorance is even still an issue. I have to admit I have been a little spoiled as I was not all that open about my illness beofre coming here and found such a warmth and acceptance when I finally just said.. I have bipolar disorder, it caused me to be ignorant of the way people outside of the wonderful warm caring people I have been lucky enough to associate with here,,,still think. It was disheartening and put me in a funk. Thank goodness I have what and who I have here..the ignorance I have seen of late in the world I am physically present in.. would cause loneliness far greater then I imagine I might be able to bear..because it has,,iAt times it makes me think – what am I even doing here? what is my purpose if no one listens and sees…but then I remember..there are those who see and those who have cared enough to learn I am more than some scary illness which I hope then translates to the next person with a scary illness… ….and I am truly blessed and grateful.

      1. Both ignorance and tolerance are learned behaviors…. If only this generation could improve on the last one..but they need to be taught by the parents first and foremost…Diane

  4. Great post on ingnorance!
    There’s really no reason to be ignorant since the means not to be – is available to anyone if they choose to find out whatever it is that they need to be knowledgeable about. Not doing so is a choice.

  5. If igorance is bliss and knowledge is power, which would you rather be? Happy and foolish or Powerful but miserable. This is something that came to mind when i was working the other day. What do you think?

    1. Well I would not wanr power, especially with misery.. anf blissful ignorance is only a good choice with some awareness..I.e. stop watching the nghrly news becoming ignorant of many of the mundane things may ease some anxiety …but there is a point where its foilish to not knw current events..and by being aware of that point ..complete ignorance Is

      Stupid ..may be the key to having it all . What do ya think?

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