A-Z Challenge; E is for Effortless Earning of (insert whatever you want here) Mental Moment

E is for Effortless Earning of…

We are on the letter E on the A-Z April Blogging Challenge and nearly through the first week.  A day to regroup will be good, this isn’t easy.

In fact nothing worth having is and

Today’s Mental Moment…

is about Effortless Earning of anything.

I had a bit of a struggle choosing between this and Edible Underwear, another good idea in theory yet not in practice or reality.  So I have heard and I could have whipped it right out, it was almost too easy.


Rachel Sin at Montreal Fashion Week S/S 2013 –...

I didn’t choose it so no need to go any further into it.  Is there?  ok

If you spend any amount of time on the internet, and I am gonna just go with, you spend enough to know of what I speak since you are reading this, you have seen the websites and ads touting effortless earning of a myriad things we humans want in our lives, or think we do, yet would rather not work for if we can help it.  Things like;

  • wealth
  • svelte figure
  • credentials
  • recognition
  • etc etc

If you ever looked for work from home on the internet I know you have seen the earn money while you sleep schemes, effortlessly bring in a billion dollar paycheck with a few clicks.  Or how about the diet ones?

Lost weight effortlessly – eat what you want and the pounds melt off in your sleep.  They don’t tell you it leaves a kind of greasy stain on the sheets and that is quite an effort to remove.

Ok kidding about the stain.  There is no such thing just like their is no such thing as effortlessly earning something most people work their collective balls off for.

If its sound too good to be true, and earning a billion dollar paycheck or dropping three dress sizes in your sleep is too good to be true I do believe, it most likely …is.

Consider This;


The people who are saying they can earn money in their sleep with some super secret one click, money generator while you sleep. requiring no more effort from you than to put in your CC # to be worthy of knowing this secret, probably really are getting rich.  Are they doing it effortlessly?  No and especially not anymore with the internet saturated with stupidity like that.  Bet a dozen donuts it is easier than you or I are working though but the only way they make money is..  from you, and me and whoever else gets lured into trying the special offer for one day only.

Or how about MLM business plans or whatever they are calling them these days to avoid the critical looks?

Sure the guy who started it and probably the 100 people under him are rich because it was new and the market was ready for what ever it is they have to offer, but really by the time you see the effortlessly earn money while you sleep,  nobody wants whatever it is so much anymore and if you try it, most likely you will work your hiney off to buy a loaf of bread.  Or rotten tomatoes to throw at the upper level big dogs at the next convention.

Not a good idea by the way. Satisfying but not productive.

English: Simon Tabron might have the best 900 ...
English: Simon Tabron might have the best 900 on the planet. He makes it look effortless (Photo credit: Wikipedia) MAKES IT LOOK NOT IS ….

The people who win the lottery?  Or huge payouts in Vegas?  It’s rare any of them are first time players.  The smaller payouts may only have whoever won breaking even in the long run and its a lot of effort to spend so much time and money on the off-chance your ship will come in on a day you are actually at the docks instead of the airport.

Someone somewhere is living the easy life, or we would never aspire to it the way we do.  Never think we could have something like effortless wealth or effortless weight loss for no or little effort.

It sounds great in theory but in reality its bunk for the greater number of participants than those who did it.  We all want the good life.  Here;s a thought, one that is good in theory and maybe if we keep in real, makes sense in practice.

If you want something, work. for. it.

To Your Mental State, whatever it may be.



16 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge; E is for Effortless Earning of (insert whatever you want here) Mental Moment

  1. There’s no such thing as an easy life! 😦

    As I write I am classed as a paranoid schizophrenic and pigeonholed as such by the system which is changing rapidly to save the country money, so my very existence feels under threat! 😦

    If it hadn’t been for my fears of what was coming I wouldn’t have tried to become a published author, but I am and now I am waiting for the axe to fall knowing that I have an outside chance of making money.

    I’ve starved before now to pay my bills and I have no wish to go through that again…

    Love and hugs!


    1. I hear you -and you bring up a good example of something I think we both know is a lot harder then we thought.. selling out books.. you will be allright.. it’s sad to see how after making so much progress in the mental illness field – they now think that is where cutbacks should take place.. I suppose there are not many mentally ill making the decisions – at least that are open about it … smh.. take care. Hugs ♥

  2. I agree wholeheartedly …lately there have been so many ‘likes’ on my post and likely many others…how to make money with blogging. Maybe there is some way..but once I see that was their mission to get ordinary or extraordinary bloggers to come and visit their site and find out how to be so rich you can ‘retire’ at age 18 ….I leave. I have lived too long to consider any of these types of ‘lures’ like you said…Diane

    1. do you notice after a while that you can pick out the language that says its bunk? I mean beyond the life experience of knowing nothing is easy or free – I am always amazed when someone falls for it, however, having been a gullible trusting soul i have taken the bait a time or two.. not the blogging one though – i mean on getting rich.. you mean I could have retired at 18? 😉

  3. I was really hoping to read about edible underwear!

    Investment of time and energy, even money in what you love and thus in yourself is the only investment that has a real payoff in the end. Everything else, pfftt.

    But, if I win the lottery I am so out of here.

  4. An excellent A to Z offering Lizzie
    and if Val wins the lottery perhaps we
    can all jet off to some remote exotic
    island and have some fun 🙂 xxx

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