A-Z Challenge; B is for Botox Mental Moment

B is for Botox

Continuing on with the A-Z April Blogging challenge, today we are on the letter B.  B stands for Botox, a good idea in theory but I won’t need many words to show where this one went wrong.

Today’s Mental Moment …

is about Botox

and how once again too much of a good thing, is no longer a good thing.

One of the hardest things to overcome in life it seems, is the aging process.  The search for eternal youth and beauty goes back to the beginning of time and is well documented.

While the main goal is to extend the length of time we live, in fact for many in search of  the answer,  immortality is the real goal, there have been advances which at the very least lessen the effects of aging on our looks through cosmetically altering them with surgery, for example, a face lift, to the beauty industry spending billions of dollars in research on antiaging serum and creams, cosmetics and lotions.

One such discovery has actually been around for a long time and used to treat medical conditions, such as overactive bladder, is a highly potent toxin lethal in certain circumstances, like when is it used for biological weapons of mass destruction but has become one of the most common anti-aging treatments utilized, being less intrusive than cosmetic surgery.

Botox is the common term used for a neurotoxic protein formed from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.  Whew that’s a mouthful.

The way Botox works is by injecting a small amount into the muscle tissues which then in effect paralyzes the muscle, thereby erasing the wrinkles we so hate to see on our faces as we age.

A little, used correctly, can present a younger looking version of you.

Cool right?  Well in small doses and used correctly it is kinda cool.

Consider This:

Too much and what you have is a 55-year-old trying to look 25 and there is nothing natural about it.

Case in point.. on of my favorite actresses… really?

It isn’t permanent and requires treatment every 4 -6 months as the paralysis wear off, and the face begins to do its normal contractions, such as the crinkle of the eyes when we laugh, thereby stopping the process of  unaging.

We have all seen the pictures of a little Botox gone too far.  there are those who swear by it and use it more often than recommended, some going for treatment every two months instead of waiting the normal minimum of four.

And despite research showing 4 is the best minimum, their doctors let them, sometimes to ghastly results, for the sake of bringing in the big bucks while their clients are still happy with the results.

If some is amazing, more is better.

What you lose is the normal expression of human emotion.

before.. from When Harry met Sally

When you smile it seems fake since your eyes don’t move, when you cry it seems fake since your forehead doesn’t crinkle.  Some even end up with a look,  fake and plastic, frozen on their face, like a deer in the headlights and the oddity is really apparent when they show no expression while they laugh, other than the mouth moving, as Botox does not effectively stop the deep muscle tissues of the mouth unless used too much or incorrectly. No big deal right?

Celebrities using Botox don’t have to worry about getting caught in an unguarded moment, when they look human and real by cameras, revealing themselves and their aging to the world.  That is worth losing the expressive functions for.  Maybe

That isn’t all, have you ever seen a picture of someone who uses Botox too much and although they may not be overly disfigured or look horrid by standards of cosmetically altered mishap, they don’t look anything like they used to, even more so than if they let themselves age naturally?

Anti-aging treatments can help slow the process but we aren’t meant to not age, our bodies not meant to be frozen in time.

If they were, we already would be.  Why fight what we are intended to do?  Aging appearance can be slowed by treating ourselves right.  Using Botox to reverse the years of hard living and as an eternal youth serum, hoping to reverse and stop the aging process can only lead to unnatural results when taken too far.

There is true beauty in aging gracefully.  The lines around the eyes speak of laughter, experience and are distinguished and attractive when worn with grace and acceptance of the way of life.

Think about it.

Just try not to crinkle your forehead while you do.

To Your Mental State, whatever it may be.


*I am not picking on Meg Ryan…she really is one of my favorite actresses and I only used her as an example because it wasn’t extreme and more like the typical results we see from celebrities…in my opinion, she and most of them, would have been better just being their natural selves.  That of course is just my slightly cracked observation and unsolicited advice on the matter…  


14 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge; B is for Botox Mental Moment

  1. I have plenty of laugh lines (crow’s feet if you want to be derogatory). I have a crinkly forehead. (I have cried almost as much as I have laughed.) I do not try to hide them, and I earned every one of them.

    Most ppl still look at me and never guess my age, but it has more to do with Olay and eating right, exercise, sunscreen and sleep than it does trying to undo something I never did in the first place.

    Great MM, Liz ❤ xxx

    1. Love the Olay.. there is beauty in embracing joy and pain and crows feet ..well I think its a pagan reference to the wise woman …not derogatory. I might have made that up but it sounds feasible…off to Google if I can find my glasses..on my head..cause I cabt see to comment ..were we talking about age ? ♡

    2. Any guy that tries to guess at a woman’s age is only setting himself up for a trip to the doghouse and hole that only gets deeper by the moment. You can guess low, but that might insult a mother of 10. Best not to guess and keep speculation to yourself.

    1. Which is exactly the reason it is on my list ..good in theory ..not so much in reality. The more is better is what majes it bad. Used correctly and as indicated the results are actually hard to see, as in being able to point it out. After a week or two some muscle contraction and expression does return but less then usual so still less wrinkles.and the puffy cheek cat eye deer in the headlights look is an indicator of overuse or low tolerance.. im more concerned about the angle my nose is growing ..kinda off to one side..cute now but if i make it to 80..it may be an issue..then i am about wrinkles.. you couldnt pay me to even try it. Thats sayibg alot cause i will do alot for money..er ..im open to try lots of things .money not necessary..ok quitting while …

      Never mind i dont think i can fix that. o_O .

    1. I never really thought of it like that but i don;t really like to talk to someone surprised to see me either – especially if the surprise doesn’t diminish… kind of unsettling id think.. 🙂

  2. I agree! I don’t see how putting something toxic in your body is a good thing. I will continue to let nature run it’s course.
    I love the title of your blog. It jumped right out of the very long A-Z list at me and screamed, “pick me”. Glad I did.

    1. The toxic thing is what makes no sense to me either…kinda tried to highlight that with the biological weapons and used for over active bladder…. I am glad you came by.. there is a story behind the name,,, but it fits and I think it was a sign…

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