Flash in the Pan; Satisfied

Today’s Flash in the Pan  – Flash Fiction Challenge ;

 Satisfied  – 

Red from The M3 Blog  is offering up the challenge and anyone can join the fun,  Just link your offering to the post on M3 with the same word and be sure and check out the maximum word counts –

Also if you want to be included in the Quarterly publishing for this go around, it closes 31 March 2013  Head over to M3 Flash in the Pan page to check out all the details.

Wondering what the Flash in The Pan book will look like or read like with all the combined flashes of the quarter?  Head over to Redmundpro.com and hit the bookstore for Flash in the Pan 1 & 2 available in Kindle, ePub, PDF and Paperback, with the ebook of the first Flash in the Pan from the fall season 2012 still available free for download.


satisfied  – 100 is the limit  and this one comes in just shy at 96-


He cringed looking at the finished portrait, wondering how he would explain the lack of resemblance to the  shapely, long-legged creature stretched out nude on the divan, soft light adding to her appeal.  He had painted her for days, enjoyed her after as many nights. Tipsy that night in the bar, when he mentioned the desire to paint erotic art, she mistook him for an accomplished painter and volunteered to model.  She was beautiful, how could he say no?  Dreading having to show her, he fervently hoped he satisfied her enough to forgive his unintended deception.

FLash in the Pan
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FTP Flash Fiction Fresh frosty fiery fiesty
FTP 2 Frosty, Fiery, Fresh and Feisty

11 thoughts on “Flash in the Pan; Satisfied

  1. Flash fiction is so rewarding to write because of how surprisingly difficult it is to tell a story with such few words. Great example that you give with your own story. You show that it can be done.

  2. Now that is just too wicked, too unprofessional, too… Actually I think that I could try that one of these evenings, now who wants get their kit off? Don’t worry I have my pencil and plenty of lead, hey and paints too before your mind starts wandering, cheeky or what? 🙂 lmao

    A most wonderful flash Lizzie I like it a lot 🙂 xx

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