Romantic Monday – Lights Out Version

Oh it’s been a month of Mondays, or more I am not sure, since I have participated in Romantic Monday and I miss it and decided I would like to contribute today.  lights-out-logo

I went to get the logo for the week over at Edward Hotspur’s,( he who inspired Romantic Monday and coordinates and has the logos and writes some pretty damn romantic stuff..  I’m just saying in case you didnt know… )  and see this…

Feel your way…

Can you be brave? Are you brave enough to tell us all of loves lost and found, of secrets kept and spilled, of sheets tangled and torn?

Are you strong enough to let everyone look into the window of your soul? To let us know what you like, and what your fantasies are?

Now, I am not one to run from a challenge, usually.  Sometimes I might especially if I wasn’t ready for it, like today’s be brave …  but funny, I am working on just that thing, being brave so I decided to just throw it out there and it you don’t like it I can just say

well it is Edward’s fault he said Be Brave…. (don’t think that in a too whiney voice please)

and  I also think I might have to give a little credit to the author of Darkness Introduced, the fabulous and prolific Red Dwyer of the M3 Blog and Redmund Productions Publishing,  since  I finished the book not too long ago, the first time… just gets you thinking.. and stuff.

and a friend who is looking for his perfect woman..

You can blame them if its good too.. hey I am happy to give credit where it’s due.,…

 (it’s naughty, just saying if you are sensitive to that kind of thing…  😉  )


His Perfect Woman

Treat her like a lady
She’ll be your dirty whore
fulfill your darkest fantasies
help you dream up more
look at her with longing
She is only your desire
open up willingly
set your world on fire
Touch her like she’s beautiful
and you free untamed lust
Drive you wild with wanting
til take and possess you must
Nothing you want
she wont give
She can hardly deny your need
to take her as your prisoner
she’ll beg if you like, to be freed
Hold her arms and hurt her
Tie her to the bed
Spread her legs and plunder
Smack her ass til its angry red
Tell her how to pleasure you
Punish her for trying
Stroke her to new heights
a little death you are dying
Lay her on her back
and survey what you desire
Own her with one  move
Brand her with your fire
Let your best friend have her
Keep her to yourself
Bend her over a table
You wont ever get enough
Don;t deny your basest need
Her body is your pleasure
Pound her without mercy
Feel the building pressure
Open your eyes look at her
as you claim her body yours
Try but you wont look away
It’s certain she is your whore
What price for this you fear,
it’s not so much above
that which you already paid
when you gave her your love





How’s that for Brave?     😉

20 thoughts on “Romantic Monday – Lights Out Version

    1. Well..seeing as how i learned oh so much from DI..everytime i open it 😉 …cept that one thing you told me about while we were taking our baths the other night…bwahahahaha.. Oh welll.thats still.your doing too…im a huh?

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