Just Wondering…..

RNWS whywhen


15 thoughts on “Just Wondering…..

    1. my thoughts exaclty…screw the big stick – break out the scissors!

      although the big stick might be more help ful when it comes to unruly dogs and oh..muggers woudlnt be a probelm cause.. they’d be kinda dumb to try to mug a naked person carrying sharp scissors so.. totally makes more sense to me.

      I think i shall start a movement… !

  1. OK, so your like button is not working until I log the f back in. I absolutely hate WP this week.. I am signed out of everywhere and do not know it until after I have attempted to leave a comment and been booted. Ugh.

    Love this. Shared on FB already ❀

    1. Indeed you do πŸ™‚ besides when one runs naked with scissors the tendency is to actually be a little more cognizant of safety with the scissors – for some reason… I almost have it mastered πŸ˜‰

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