Don’t Miss This!

Head on over to the M3 Blog where I am interviewing  the woman who does not know the meaning of the word can’t when it comes to making things happen for others and herself.

She is amazing and intelligent, warm and caring,  and a star so bright …  you cannot miss her…  so don’t.

Red Dwyer and I talk about her books, specifically Darkness Introduced….     (all I have to say ..well here anyways  😉  is move over 50 Shades of Grey  hit the link go see what else …)


Writer’s Spotlight at the M3 Blog …     <—–( yes click there..  )


Author Red Dwyer
Author Red Dwyer cover art Liz Campbell


Don’t be shy….    😉


14 thoughts on “Don’t Miss This!

    1. thanks.. I always enjoy the chance to challenge my abiblity to not giggle at things like the topic of the book 😳 but it was realllllyy good and I love interviewing Red because as a person she is fascinating, an author, she can write damn near anything and she is almost unflappable as you… I’ll get you both my pretties…. 😛 ok probably not but my silly side has been asleep awhile.. lets just ..go with it..

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