Morning Mental Moment

Good Day friends, followers, folks, fine people of the blogosphere.  At least this little corner.  So let’s travel and see another corner, because I am over at the M3 Blog. having a butterfly shape scone.  I didn’t even know they could do that..   and answering questions about  writing and art and publishing .. and stuff.

C’ome on over. and check it out.

See ya there.


Lizzie .


Mental Moments


12 thoughts on “Morning Mental Moment

    1. I have no doubt.. mmmmscones.. i am parking at your place for awhile 😉 its a crap shoot if I will eventually come home on my own accord or grow such that i am stuck like Winnie the Pooh in Rabbits house.. any bets?

  1. Wait, what? Where?… Scones? Really? Lizzie? Help? I’m stuck? Help?… Help?….

    Okay, there…. sorry, got stuck…. any who, scones? If there are scones, I want one….. see you there…. 🙂

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