Romantic Monday with Passion; Love Released

Passion Romantic Monday

the weight
of want
like chains
upon my heart

I long to break
to leave behind
not be twisted up
at the mercy
of a thought
ruined by neglect
in need of
and wanting
to feel the touch
of your hand
feel your being
with my own
not defining




what is
what was
good and sweet
soft and warm
open and waiting
yearning and reaching
fill me take me
possess me
make me
what you see
and need
to believe
I am
and you
in me
lines blur
we become
hard to not feel
to distinguish
where I begin
as you sink in
to me
around you
with restless rhythm
the air
passions heat
movement languid
collide and cling
to the near desperate
need of being








How quickly Monday rolls around again and who cares anymore? It’s romantic, where once we dreaded it now we look forward to it. Did I say that? It’s been bitterly cold here so I may not be in my proper frame of mind – maybe thinking a little romance would be (heart) warming or …

quitting while I am ahead..if I ever am. Most of you know the deal, if you don’t head on over to Edward Hotspur’s place to find out how to join in the love and romance and squishy good things – yea the cold may be getting to my brain 😕  add your own idea of romance, this week it’s about passion…

and to see what Edward put up this week, (click the link above or the logo at the top) and find more participants as he is kind enough to link the whole lot of romantic posts, poetry and prose, together in one spot.  He started this great big ball of romance so thank him too.  Just saying.



28 thoughts on “Romantic Monday with Passion; Love Released

  1. I am so there. I think I have been having the dreams Val is talking about today, but in the reference of your poem.

    So, how about this for a business venture… We open a mail order male service with men with their vocal chords programmed appropriately. PAT and body parameters required.

    1. that sounds like a good idea – I still need to see what Val was talking about 😉 and check my email settings again.. she dropped of again and so did a few others..
      glad you liked it ❤

    1. thanks much.. I dunno I thnk I need to work on the in love and romance parts from a different point of view – like in love and romantic.. otherwise its kinda from what I have written a breakup book of poetry no? and really you are one of the people who encouraged me to write poetry in the first place – I have written it forever but not thought it was any good.. someone who writes poetry like you.. telling me my little blurbs are good has been very encouraging and I am deeply grateful.

      1. I recently wrote a book review 😉
        and sometimes post on Poet’s Corner.. there is my book too.. and thank you :-)I I changed my approcah to poetry in particular – writing it – after a discussion with you about it.. somewhere back around the bucket list.- really got me thinking about my reasoning for not finishing, writing much or posting it was a hang up of my own making.. I am kind of up in the air what direction to take writing wise at the moment..

    1. ahhh so good to see you first of all and secondly – its a little hard on me too.. as there is no other outlet for such energy at the moment… I guess i should be glad I can focus it somewhere though.. 😉 Bright blessings, I will try to be gentler next time 😀

    1. Thanks – I think it maybe was more .. something than I thought – and I need to check my email settings cause I am not getting your posts.. but I will be over to see what I missed soon 🙂

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