Flash in the Pan;

This week’s word for The Flash in the Pan  – Flash Fiction Challenge ;


It’s really last weeks word, I know hard to believe right?

Oh but here’s a special treat, this week’s word as well.  Oh boy I know I am ON IT (if I keep saying it, it will be so.  right?)


Red from The M3 Blog  is offering up the challenge and anyone can join the fun,  Just link your offering to the post on M3 with the same word and be sure and check out the maximum word counts – for January the upper limit is 75..  read on to see where I came in at…

AND the Hot Flash – the word of the month which is limited at 50 words – for January is


Also if you want to be included in the Quarterly publishing for this go around, it closes …well it just opened so I am going to say March?  Head over to M3 Flash in the Pan page to check out all the details.

Wondering what the Flash in The Pan book will look like or read like with all the combined flashes of the quarter?  Head over to Redmundpro.com and hit the bookstore for a free copy of the first edition of Flash in the Pan – it’s a lot of fun and has a great cover too 😉 Yes – I said FREE, I mean I am not sure why you aren’t all stampeding over there now.. I would be but I already got my copy


listless – 60

Listless and unresponsive, his head lolled, his eyes, blank. The peace and quiet was soothing compared to his constant diatribe and she was loath to have it broken. If she pretended she didn’t notice, it might be permanent. He had done it to himself, as usual, but if she didn’t call for help, surely the blame would fall on her.  

paranoid – 71

He peeked out the window his heart lurching in his chest.  That van across the street wasn’t there before.  Desperately wanting to leave the house and get out from under the electronic eyes and ears he knew were now on him, he eyeballed the back bathroom window wondering if he could make it.   So caught up in the paranoid fear they were on to him, he missed the van’s rhythmic rocking.

brokenhearted – 45

He didn’t care. She was starting to understand what they meant by a woman scorned. He walked around like nothing was wrong, lying and cheating on a whim. The fury rose and she would make sure in the end, it was he who was brokenhearted. 

FLash in the Pan
First edition Flash in the Pan Anthology. Get your free ebook – just click it.

12 thoughts on “Flash in the Pan;

  1. You’re so inspired, Lizzie. These are quick & entertaining reads, definitely.

    Love your new page look. That little pic running with scissors is great 🙂

    1. lol – I like to throw stuff in like that to see if people are paying attention 🙂 did you ever read the one I did for desire? I am particularly proud of it – It’s in the first book

  2. These are superb Lizzie 🙂
    I have just sent you an invite
    my friend so I hope that you
    will accept it, I have just started
    with a copletely New Space so
    I don’t have much to look at as
    yet but do call and have a bit
    of a browse if you like 🙂

    Have fun tonight my friend 🙂

    Geoff aka Andro

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