Weekly Photo Challenge; Illumination


A new year and a new start on the Weekly Photo Challenges.  I am going to do my best to participate as much as possible this year, I already missed the first one but maybe I can manage to get the rest.  So here is my entry for week two;  Most of you who have been with me for a while know how I love to play with the words when they have more than one meaning.  Which gives me a thought about exactly how many words actually have one and only one meaning?  Are there any?  Illumination is not one, it has several and so I tried to combine them, both in the picture and the poem.  It’s a little one, nothing fancy.  If you see the connection and the play on the word, then yay, if I failed to be illuminating in my hints, my apologies.  


Illumination is needed

where we read
so we have no need
to squint or strain

as we strive to gain
the illumination of


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge; Illumination

    1. When I read his comment I didn;t realize that was it but after I uploaded it I kept trying to angle the screen to get the light to reach the corners.. I felt it and even then after his comment I didn’t know why..but it fit then I was thinking about it .. and it definitely is a perfect description.. he is pretty on it the guy 🙂

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