Edward Hotspur and the SQUEE!!!!

Once Upon a Time

On a Cold January Morn

cold January Norn
cold January Morn

In the Year of Our Lord

Nineteen Hundred and  uh, Im not so sure

The Earthlings  (that would be ..us)

Were Specially BLessed

By the Birth of


Edward Hotspur type,

Not just  type

the Realio Dealio

His Parents thought

nice tin can, space, the final frontier,
Out of This World

They’d won the lottery

Brains, Charm

An extra sharp wit

Although not really at first apparent

A mushy smelly baby just

like all the rest

Young Edward quickly y excelled at everything

Grew to a young man

with much in between then until now

That I know nothing about

Except what I pick up here and there on his blog,

The BLog

Does anybody really know

What time it is and can I be helped

wait that was the middle of a sentence I meant helped

no like this ; helped as I sit here

waxing poetic to fill the time

before the main attraction arrives

(stupid bimbos are late)

and flailing miserably improperly

Give Ode…

Ode magnimonious?


is that a word?



and where did I get that one from

Excuse me while I check to see

If the bimbos R Us is even gonna be

able to deliver or do I need back up  from

what?  Who?



I’ll Do it myself

Nothing gets done exactly your way,

unless you do it yourself


you happen to be excellent at delegating and choosing just the right substitute for oneself to do whatever it is which needs to be done and

especially if you are going through Bimbos R Us, who recommended this fly by night pansy company

what are they a bunch of blonds..bimbos… oh yea huh well

Where did that even come about

I was Oding Edward Hotspur

and now I am supposed to what?


what in the name of nothing holy is that?

Oh, ok well I can work it

with it

around it,

pick whatever works best as I try to salvage and ode our Birthday Friend

see there its coming on the end

nothing to it now but to deliver

substitute bimbo..yes sorry from xmas
substitute bimbo..yes sorry from xmas

what my part was  to the year older Hotspur

that probaly wasnt nice to work that bit in

i meant it nice i swear Im not at all taking Nyquil

or anything similar because Birthday Boy Edward

has taught me a lot about that stuff

he is a trip when he… yea I know

I am stalling nd wondering if he will understand the true cost to me


to fill in for the blonds who didn’t show up, i’m nervous and gotta

take a deep breath and give it my best

Happy Birthday Edward and … and…

many more to come.




If you choose to find out what is  behind door 1

i cant really help you door 1 is broke

please come this way —————————————————————–>      do you want to


The Flowers On The Horizon or you may choose option …number… oh who knows what number?

 Selma Hayek/Inappropriate Relationship

Pick one and choose wisely, so you can get one with your day, thanks for playing and


Birthday, Cake with candles

40 thoughts on “Edward Hotspur and the SQUEE!!!!

      1. Thank you, yeah I really had fun with this, and it was cool to read all the other bloggers’ pieces. 🙂

      2. it’s amazing really how so many different people see one person.. there is always the predominent things but someone also sees a different side and shares it.. pretty cool..

    1. are you sure? Cause feel free to Squee or most forms of emoticating are allowed here so don;t feel like you are being repressed and can ONLY SQUEE…
      I say most only because of the occasion – normally any form of emoticating is fine I can take it, its just ya know I don’t want to clean up a big mess before the birthday boy sees his squeee

      1. thanks – well I figired I should at least try before I went hollering into the night all the way to where you are Squeeing at the top of my lungs to ask if this was right – but its always nice to know i got back up and support and you! ❤ (all in one too 😉 )

    1. I had to reach deep Guapman, a squee by any other bimbo.. I have no idea what that means but I couldnt find a bimbo anywhere and had to use a xmas leftover – Jan bdays are actually really sensitive to that stuff..(The Gaggle who are Jan/Christmas babies informs me) so ya know I really wanted to do it right. So much open to artistic interpretation i had a hard time deciding the best approach to the squee… espeially when left to my own devices.

      (HEY i didnt accidentally call myself a bimbo did I?)

    1. no blondes or bimbos were insuated… the two are not the same and I dont know the fascination – they were on edward’s blog lol.. you may be a blond but not a bimbo. I should have asked you to fake it though..;-)

    1. for real? that is so totally cool, cause I didn;t actually know what it meant, so i had to do some research (ug he better appreciate it ) and that is a damn fine compliment. thank you 🙂

  1. I’m speechless. That poem was awesome! It was like Shel Silverstein, seriously. I am impressed, and humbled by it. You are a great friend, and thanks for going to all the trouble of doing all this for me. Thank you. I appreciate it.

    1. YAY! I am so glad you liked it and its no trouble for a friend I hope you had a spectacualr day that turned out better than you expected and have lots of cake and ice cream and a great night – the thing about being older ? seriously it’s not for sissies and definitely better than the alternative..I repeat that to myself often – it helps, but it shouldn;t worry you anyway, they keep moving the new 20 back so we are never really gonna be old. or is it up? – I shoulda told you this morrning to have a donut..to tide you over until you saw what the plotters had planned – but I didn;t want to give away the surprise. Sorry about the leftover bimbo its the best I could so after the other ones didn;t show up. Happy Birthday and many more. 🙂

  2. Hi Sweetheart! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment! 🙂

    Today was rain free so I got there and back dry!!! 🙂

    Yes, Elizabeth IS a common name – imagine what I’d write if I came to meet the Queen!!! LoL!!!

    Hope you had sweet dreams – I did! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs!


    1. I am so glad no rain. I complain about my name a lot but then iremember it is a queen’s name more than one and I am ok with it. Wow that would be too cool if you did meet the queen and wrote about it.. Hugs 🙂

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