Romantic Monday Platonic Style; A Boy and His Broccoli

Romantic Monday

Bubbsy Bansnoodle Won’t Eat His Broccoli, Unless It’s Properly Dressed.

Bubbsy Banznoodle is sitting at the table

He is looking positively forlorn

He won’t smile or giggle, says he’s not able

His Mother is puzzled and worn

Bubbsy Banznoodle you haven’t  eaten your broccoli

I don’t want it  Bubbsy confessed

But why? asked his mother,  Bubbsy you love Broccoli!

Because, it’s not properly dressed.


Not properly dressed! exclaimed his mother

Well we can probably fix that

What does broccoli wear to dinner

Is it tails and a black satin hat?

English: its broccoli
Um..this is kinda a family blog, naked broccoli? please get dressed.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


No, said Bubbsy, staring at his fork

upon which the broccoli was speared.

He asked it softly, Why do you Mock me?

you have been dressed right since the day you appeared


He looked at his mother then showed her the broccoli

and said,  Mom it’s naked, I might be in shock.

I’ve never had broccoli so plain and ugly

not underpants shoes or a sock.


It’s always been dressed when I want to eat it

But today, it gave me a fright

Mom do I have to eat it, It can’t be good for me

I mean look,  that just isn’t right!


What does properly dressed Broccoli wear to dinner?

His puzzled mother asked again,

Does it need a tie, a button down shirt,

or slacks and a Tee that is tan?

It wears the same thing always Mom, you know,

He peered at her to see if indeed she knew

She looked quite perplexed tho her eye had a twinkle

I know! She shouted, It wears Blue!

No Mom, not blue

not red or pink

It’s that one thing, you know,

it wears white every time, I think


White said Mother, Oh my oh dear,

I have nothing white for it to wear

you say it’s the same always no matter the main course,

or the rest of the fare?


Bubbsy, What does it wear?

Mom threw her hands in the air.

Bubbsy thought for a second

There was something else that shouldn’t be bare


He thought really hard as his mother looked on

To remember what it was called

The other thing that if it came to dinner naked

all at the table would be appalled

Bubbsy may need therapy. photo credit
Bubbsy may need therapy.


Was it the steak? or the pasta?

the applesauce? Not the roll

The other thing that wore it.too

Aha! Said Bubbsy,  I got it, I know!


He got up from the table and ran to the fridge,

threw open the door with such force,

Stood on the bottom shelf and peered inside

It’s the salad that wears it Of Course!!


The salad dressing’s the same as it does,

they often come to the table like twins.

Its white and classy the stuff that they wear

He needed no more  hints


So what is it Bubbsy Bansznoodle,  do you know for sure?

Or are you going out on a branch?

Bubbsy giggled  and said, for broccoli to come for dinner with us

It’s always dressed in Ranch!

Bubbsy sat back down and looked at his broccoli

Think you can mock me and be a winner?

Two things,

you better be dressed and when it comes to mocking –

Only bacon has not ended up my dinner.



said Bubbsy Banznoodle,

is for breakfast.

The End ♥


A boy and his broccoli.  I don’t know if it qualifies exactly for Romantic Monday but with the added Platonic Twist I think we can stretch a little and say..sure why not?   I actually am quite certain, because this poem was inspired by true events, not quite as they played out but close enough.  My 5 yo – oh he turned 6 day after Christmas, loves his broccoli, adores it, but only if it has Ranch Dressing and it was his utterance of “Broccoli, why do you mock me?”  which was the inspiration for  this poem.

So another Romantic week..Monday, and thank you again to the genius with the marshmallow insides (that’s a good thing really) behind it all, Edward Hotspur who made Mondays almost something to look forward to.  Um, that may be pushing it but it’s better than dreading them.  And who knows by June or something we may all be saying YAY! Monday, instead of, or better yet in addition to, Yay! Friday.  It could happen.  I dream of a world where everyday is a good day and … ok I will quit while I am ahead, if it isn’t too late already.

Anyways if you don;t know how it works, go visit Edward Hotspur’s Romantic Monday post and read about it and all the other participants are linked there as well as some logos you can lift for your own post.  Use freely,  I mean.  You can click the link right above here or the logo will also take you there.

Let’s see how many we can get doing the Romantic thing on Mondays, it just makes the day look so much more .. promising or I don;t know really just better and I was quitting while ahead huh? I probably only think I am ahead.

Til next week then, hope to see your contribution there too.



31 thoughts on “Romantic Monday Platonic Style; A Boy and His Broccoli

    1. thanks 🙂 I was thinking of making it a children’s book – i just really need to do some drawings – my kids loved it..they were concerned that nana would not allow the naked -hahahaha… so glad you came by – is it real or the naughty leprachauns – i have no emails but my gut is telling me to g osee for myself… i needed to catch up anyways .. i got more behind..and I am blowing up my email inbox – like BOOM!

      1. This would be an awesome childrens book. You should go for it!

        I’m not writing very much, but I’m around.


    1. thank you 🙂 i dunno how romantic broccoli can be 😉 but I thought i would see if i could pull it off..I have been wantign to post it and the platonic theme was a great opening..

    1. awww and there ‘s a number thing in there 😉 I had a load of fun with this and when i read it to the kids they were thrilled.. worried about the naked part but that was half the fun of it I gather form their little smirks..
      did you read it to your 36 yo? what did he say?

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