2012 in review Monkey Version with a Lizzie Twist

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog and your blog too I know,  I like to share.

We love those WordPress Monkeys don’t we?  Well I managed to not sit and stare at the fireworks this year for 10 mins trying to figure it out like I did last year

thank you very much, and it’s not a huge deal but I wanted to share – I mean what good is a   …ok ok you know.

A few things that weren’t mentioned , let’s see I was Freshly Pressed in March  – that’s kinda a big highlight ya know?  I feel ok bragging about it here because even thought the WordPress Monkeys  failed to mention it,( weird right? ) the post that got the most attention was 20 Sure Signs You are a WordPress Junkie.

And I was a little surprised at the posts after than one which were the most popular.  Manners were huge, I got a hit on that post nearly every day and maybe I will have to go back and do them over not so tongue in cheek.  That;s a lot of people who want to know about texting manners and I am not so sure I am the best one to be giving that…hey wait, of course I am..ha silly me.  🙄

One other thing the WP Monkeys  didn;t mention but I am not sure they are aware, so this is me making them and all of my lovely and loyal readers aware, here now because a post with the year on review is the perfect place to do this kinda thing.. on Dec 31 ..

this little book that I wrote, I mean no biggie, but yea its kinda HUGE to me…

A Month of Mental Moments…  

was published and is available now as an e-book Kindle or ePub format and will be available in print very soon.

Moving on…

What?  oh where do you get it?  Well – you can get your very own copy of A Month of Mental Moments at RedmundPro.com  

Redmund Productions is a whole other story that I will tell you very soon in a post all to itself – it;s a good one too.  There is a once upon a time, a lot of really hard work, a heroine, a rag-tag (term of endearment ♥) bunch of Indie authors, who I plan to include in the story with illustrations and stuff and…  and some hella concentrated power of will – more than the 15%, so you probably really should remember the name… just saying.

Make sure when you go there to check out that other thing I mentioned – the book thing  – you take a look around.  There is plenty to keep you busy and plenty to read with a whole slew of books from first time and already published authors – all book are available in the bookstore as ePub or Kindle and all of them will have print copies available soon.  You will recognize some of the authors as friends and fellow bloggers,  and all of them are worthy, more so than me, of your consideration.

So I forgot to mention, the story looks good for a riding off into the sunset happily ever after gonna be a staple for a long time never-ending story.

Besides those couple of things I fell on my butt a lot,  I laughed, cried, emoticated, exuberated, went through the cycles of my life, made some new friends, and changed some ways I see, but not feel about some that were with me in 2011…  I shared my life and learned many things about myself, about all of you and I would not trade all that for the most money or biggest pile of donuts…  ahem ..maybe if the doughnuts were… oh no, not even for doughnuts because none of that up there would have been possible or half as much fun without you all.

Thank you – no matter what the WP monkeys missed or added – that’s the stats and mostly I just want to give big wet slobbery puppy kisses because I am a little verkelmpt.. talk amongst yourselves I will give you a topic..

Monkeys and Apes – which is it that WP has?  Discuss and check out the fireworks and stuff if you like.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 41,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 9 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart,  and look forward to another year of fun laughs and foolishness, and I will be here for the ups downs and all arounds.  This is where I belong.

Lizzie Cracked never broken


26 thoughts on “2012 in review Monkey Version with a Lizzie Twist

    1. thank you 🙂 Couldnt’ and wouldn;t have done it without you – I am brewing an epic tale for a later post – just wait lol 🙂 and when you look at all those things we see day to day as one big thing – well yea it looks good huh? and we know its even better 😉 here’s to many butterflies to come – the ones that take us where we need to be.. and the others to remind us where we were going.. Love and Hugs.

    1. I dunno – I am ok with equal to.. but hey it never hurts to shoot for outdo does it ? thanks for your friendship and support – the year was what it was becuase of the people who were in it… would have been someting totally different without you 🙂 thanks.

  1. Lizzie! A book!! Congratulations!! I will check it out for dure. You are awsome!! Would love a book of yours. Great stats too. You are rihht! You aee right where you belong!!
    Love ya Lizzie
    Hopefully I have internet again soon so I don’t miss anything.

    1. Carrie ! I am so happy to see you! I did see that you commented earlier – and honestly I am not sure I will get back to that post answer ..I.but I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! ( I hope you do too get internet service) but I am behind too – not a day goes by I dont think of you – and I follow along in my email but as Itold someone else earlier – you can;t see that and may think I dont come around at all – sorry if you thought that – I am making only one real resolution that I am resolved to meet and that is to be better at beong present. So thank you so much for stopping by you always have a spot and I have truly missed you ! Hugs to you ! ❤

    1. Thank you – and I hope yours does well too! I am going to do a post as promised in the next few days – with the story and authors and books and everything – 🙂 like an epic tale- oooo I love those!

      1. I look like a Walrus lol , no Im doing well just haven’t been on my laptop much over the summer holidays , starting to have wordpress withdrawals ! Im due to give birth start of March so maybe in 18 years time I’ll be back to my normal self ! lol , Hope all is well in your world 😀 xx

      2. it is and you are getting close ..a walrus? lol that’s one i havent heard before i think.. it wont take 18 years, promise..more like ..lol..sorry i was gonna be smartasstic but i cant do that to you..! normal self les than 18 years..thats the best i can do tho take care and I am marking my mental calender to mark my other one… begininning of March i have 2 then 1 and 10th so I can remembe that.. 🙂

  2. Lizzie! Happy New Year! I am here to say congratulations on your stats, your commenters, and to a year well lived. So proud of your book, it’s wonderful!

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