Another New Year

Another year and I wonder why
you won’t be here again
Another new beginning to time      

another milestone, another
Longer without you
as days go by.
Still I ache like there were more
a few New Years Nights


Time heals they say
I used to believe it
until you left, gone away,
Now I don;t see it.
The ache and chasm

in my heart are deeper
with each passing day
with every minute missed
every night lost.
Do you even remember
when we last kissed?

Time stands still
to when you were here
I felt alive
I had no fear.
It stopped when you leftbg-snowflake.gif
cut me adrift
left me alone to face
another New Years Eve
without warmth and grace
or a hope of reprieve

 Time took my hopes
my dreams turned dark,
I waited for you to come back .
The next journey we’d embark
on was where we left off.
The lights shine on small belief
especially on this night
you will come – you might
even though I know, no doubt
you won’t
Not for mebg-snowflake.gif

Time mocks me this night more
I wait for you inside the door
of nowhere that we used to be
but anywhere with you
was home to me.
Any fare a feast
Any drink sweet to taste
Nothing works now
do you know how I changed?
I ‘ve grown, look I have flown
but not far from reach.
I live but not really
my heart beats empty
and wants only to see

 Time drags me though
another night without you
another milestone missed
another time I am lost
my lips will not be kissed
by the one I long for
and wait for time to take
the hurt and longing away
It is too much
to give to a memorybg-snowflake.gif

 Time marches on
another year passes
Still you feed my hopes,
but words near meaningless
will not sustain me
or warm me at night
only reinforce what I see.
You will never make it right
you are not with me
and slowly I accept
you are where you should be.

 A choice you made
you could undo
You could come home
We could start anew
but you always have a reason
and it’s another holiday season.
I’m lost no reason or rhyme
this hurt is not healed
by the passing of time.
You give up no fight
and I am alone again
on New Years night.

 You don’t want to let me go
you can;t have it both ways
kiss her at the stroke of twelve
and think I will keep waiting
while you live
and I breath
I die from the loneliness
you shackled on mebg-snowflake.gif

The chains are heavy
they cut me deep
keep me to you
and you a longing ache
Maybe this year
dare I hope,
they will be taken
as I make my way through again
alone, tired, shaken.
Toward another holiday season
without you, without making sense
without love, and without reason
and when I arrive here next year
alone, standing tall,
You will be here
or be gone for good
and I will not miss you
not repeat my lonely fight
When time comes around again
next New Years night







22 thoughts on “Another New Year

    1. Happy New Year!! I had the coolest resolution and I already blew it lol.. but I am just bein me.. I always love to see you.. Hope this year brings much love and joy and peace for you.. it is definitely your time MUAH!

  1. LOVE this. I can so relate. I hate New Year’s Eve. I spent the day alone for the most part and I’m heading to bed as soon as the kids are asleep. The magic is gone when your Magic isn’t with you. BUT – I made a choice and my choice left me alone. Yet – I also received a promise return if I was patient. I’m waiting as patiently as I can for my Magic to come home. hopefully next year you and I will both be surrounded by the Love we deserve.

    Happy New Year darling.

    1. Hopefully it will be so.. in the mean time Inever thought I would be ok not doing a darn thing on New Years at the tender age of 43… lol.. so next year patience is a virtue right? Happy New Year ❤

  2. Wow! This poem is so moving! I wanted to pop over to wish you all the very best in the coming new year!! Your blog is looking truly amazing! Wow it makes me wanna do some New Year’s cleaning over at my place. I just love you picture! It’ so beautiful. Oh I think this is a wonderful representative of your creative talents!! Hugs Cyberdaughter!!! 😀

    1. Thanks – I hope it is good to you too! – it will be I just know it 🙂 and thank you for your support and friendship. Its been a bit of a up and down ride but it was never dull – went fast though darn it.. ❤

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