Because it’s Christmas – The Tenth Holiday Mental Moment

Oh here is a little treat for all of youholly-corner-top

Because you had to know that I would not let the Holiday have only one moment with my favorite little Veggies

You knew that right?

Holiday Mental Moment…

the Tenth


We are almost there.holly-corner-top

Another Christmas Eve is upon us, it seems so hard to believe.

Last Christmas Eve,  oh never mind.  Now is not the time for reminiscing.

Well it is but we have miles to go before we sleep and I have to go Christmas Shopping.  Oh yeah.  Lucky me.

Nothing Says Happy Holidays like the Mall parking lot on the day before Christmas.

Not feeling the grace part of under pressure at the moment but when I get back I will be tucked in for the night and ready for Santa.

So to keep you occupied  (cause I am sure you are sitting there waiting on me to entertain you ha!)


more importantly and extra bonus if you have the kids – because they like this stuff.  Why is it an extra bonus?  Put them in front of the computer here, press play and you have 5:16 to get the presents in the house or go wrap or have ….

ok never mind you know what to do with 5 minutes on Christmas Eve day..

And I shall return.

Please send out good wishes for me I am off to test the limits of my Holiday Cheer    First MM of Christmas


May we be blessed with plenty of love, Veggies always are good for you.

To your Mental State, whatever it may be



12 thoughts on “Because it’s Christmas – The Tenth Holiday Mental Moment

  1. Veggies get the thumbs up from Little V and the Man Cub. Good luck with the whole shopping thing. I am so going to have to inject you with some OCD so you can NOT shop on Cmas Eve, despite the American tradition. 😛
    Much love and happiness, Lizzie ❤

  2. Lizzie! Merry Christmas !! For some reason I stopped getting notification of when you made a post and my internet connection is so nonexistent I didn’t get a change to check out what was going on. But with Christmas just done and the New Year only days away I had to pop in and say,”Thanks Lizzie for all your support in 2012; whether you realize it or not you got me through some really tough days. I think you are the greatest and wish you joy in your home and peace in your world in 2013.
    Love ya Lizzie

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