where I belong

I was goofing around on YouTube and found this song while looking for something else. I put some artwork and pictures and I think it fits really well. How I feel and the struggles and the happiness and friends. Just thought I would share.

22 thoughts on “where I belong

    1. Well thank you – YouTube makes it pretty easy you upload them and rearrange them an time them and pick your music.. there are lots of other things but I had never heard this song – an its ..it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.. Have you been to Artsy Brain Fartsies yet?

    1. Not a problem ๐Ÿ™‚ I never heard that song and rarely do you hear one that just fits.. i mean perfect – or as close as i will ever get .. it was in the list of creative commons music..

  1. Watching this was like opening all my gifts on a cold Christmas morning, in my soft, cuddly and warm robe as a child with no knowledge of the hurt and the pain and the darkness that life has to offer…

    beautiful… I too noticed to butterfly signature – absolutely perfect!!


  2. This video is beautiful and inspiring. How very creative and talented you are Lizzie.

    And that Banner! I absolutely love it. I also love the way you’ve got your blog designed. It’s so clean and yet it has a lot on it. And your book!! WOW! Congratulations Lizzie! It all just so cool!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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