Irish Spirits – The Third Holiday Mental Moment

Ha!  It’s getting late in the afternoon…

Did any of you think that I might have started on this endeavor of 12 Holiday Mental Moments

and crashed at number 3?


I hope you had more faith than that..  It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility, seeing as how I am prone to have spur of the moment grandiose ideas, then drop them just as quickly.  But this is my gift to you so I am going to see it through because the thought  – is what it is and if I didn;t get them done, then it wouldn’t count.

See what I mean?

Well anyways the very astute of you may have noticed in the First Mental Moment of Christmas that Lizzie Gave to You….  (I sang that as I was typing, which is why it;s third person and all in capitals.. just saying so you don’t think I am overly weird or … that kind of thing.)  I gave myself a little wiggle room as far as 12 moments and landing on number 12 on Christmas Eve.  That is the plan you know in case I didn’t  – I mean I probably assumed that was obvious and I shouldn’t assume anything.

Anyways enough of that,

Today’s Holiday Mental Moment…

is a tribute to the spirit of the Irish.  


Why?  I don;t know.  It popped into my head as it is wont to do around this time of year.  It is a part of Christmas (Thanksgiving too actually) past for me but I still hold it dear and think of it fondly.

When I say Irish Spirit I am talking of more than the gleeful joy of the Irish as an abstract thought.

No this Irish Spirit is tangible touchable and put your finger on it – draw a picture even though it tastes better.

The Irish Spirit that has gotten me though more holidays than I can count – well wait, yes I can, it’s around 20 ..21 ..  and the Irish Spirit that softened the hard parts of the holidays for me – heck even helped me pretend that I was as happy and holly jolly and fit in at the party just like everyone else..

Have you figured it out?

Bailey’s Irish Creme..  or St Brendan’s’ (hey ya never know I might get paid for endorsing gotta up my chances 😉  )

Such a delightful flavor and so many uses.  If you have certain foods (Holiday MM #1? )   you associate with the holidays or traditions especially that revolve around the sense of taste then you will understand a wee bit of what I mean.

I am not speaking of getting snockered, although that particular side effect has been nice on occasion, or of alcohol just for the sake of.

Irish creme.  Such a delightful flavor and if you are careful, you can enjoy it all day long, in several different ways and still be standing, kinda at night.

I used to put it in my coffee on Christmas morning ..  and you can drink it on ice, or in your coffee again.  It is delicious.  I only drank it during the holidays and that is saying a lot.

It softened the sharp edges and made the magic – more magical.  That’s all.  For the years that sucked there was always good Irish Whiskey.. and I did not need to resort to that more than . .. not hardly at all.  The Grinch would probably be less grinchier and Scrooge less Bah Humbuggish…

Baileys Irish Cream
Bailey’s Irish Cream – Taking the Bah Hubuggishness out of the Holidays (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I can’t give you all a bottle for yourselves, and it’s hardly a gift if you have to buy it yourself – although I do recommend it

I am falling back on my go to guy, The Simple Cooking Channel with a recipe to make your very own Irish Creme.

He wasn’t really my go to guy but his recipe is the best with  – add as much whiskey as you like – and from now on he will be so let’s just say my go to guy and call it a moment.


May we be blessed with plenty of love, in the form of Irish Spirits, or however else it comes this holiday season…

To your Mental State, whatever it may be,

please imbibe responsibly and do not put Irish Creme in your travel mugs on the go..  a wee bit goes a long way!



19 thoughts on “Irish Spirits – The Third Holiday Mental Moment

  1. Bailey’s makes everything better. I mean where would buttery nipples come from? Oh, wait, wrong holiday….or is it? I like it in eggnog for that uber sugar rush or with a dash of Drambruie up. Mmm. Oh, the things I can make and bake better with Bailey’s. ❤ I keep a bottle for just such occasions. ❤

  2. Since I can’t drink due to medications – my preference is for a drink called T.G.I.F. It comes in a bottle all pre-mixed. You can put it in the blender with ice for a frosty drink. And for those who like their little nip of alcohol, you can add it to your drink & not ruin the effect at all.

  3. You know when I KNEW my mom was Irish? (Beyond the genealogical chart, I mean.)
    It was when I was complaining about sitting through my kids’ T-ball games in freezing weather and she told me, “Honey, that’s why God invented the FLASK!” 🙂
    (Too bad I have to find a less-Irish answer now that I’m a *recovering* Alcoholic…)

    1. that is priceless! Why God invented the flask.. 🙂
      yes I go back and forth on the non irish answer – between finding its benign substitute to staying away from anything remotely that reminds me of it.. I actually kinda never noticed how people drink more during the holidays.. weird but true.. until I didnt anymore .. now I amuse myself with other’s antics..

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