8 Polish Dishes -First Holiday Mental Moment

Well Christmas is right around the corner.

Maybe 2 corners.  We are talking what, 12 days til Christmas Eve?  Sorry, I am not really up on the rest of my December Holidays but I know they all fall within this next few weeks too.

First MM of Christmas

Pretty cool how everything happened at once and no matter what particular Holiday you celebrate they are all in December so that we all are merry, holly and jolly around the same time.  At least I think so.

So, because I am going with what I know, it’s not on my list of things to do until next year you see, to know more,

I bring you

12 Mental Moments of Christmas


12 Holiday Mental Moments,

your choice.

They are the same moments but I don’t want you to think that if you celebrate something other than Christmas they are not for you.

They are.  For everyone.  It’s my gift.

I may be a day early, I am not sure exactly when the 12 days of Christmas begins but since it’s Holidays I think its safe to go ahead and proceed and we will all get the benefit and holiday cheer.

So it’s not the traditional 12 days of Christmas, it’s Lizzie’s 12 Holiday Mental Moments, something for everyone because as I always say, share the wealth.

And there is much wealth during the holidays whether you are rich or poor, or whatever your mental state is…

Peace and goodwill toward man, woman, child, pets, fairies, elves every living breathing magical thing that exists on whatever plane of the universe – I think that covers  – oh!  and of course let’s not forget, the Veggie Tales.

God, (0r whoever you subscribe to) Bless us Everyone!

Today’s Holiday Mental Moment…

is a special culinary event that is near and dear to my stomach, er heart.

My younger children’s father is half Polish   (calm down Peanut Gallery – goodwill remember?)

His mother was able to cook all kinds of traditional Polish foods during the holidays.  She could actually cook them all year round but the point is, during the holidays she cooked like a madwoman, that was her way, as is many a cook, mother and matriarch way, of giving love.  Anyone who loves to cook actually.

Before I met her, my knowledge of Polish anything was limited to those silly jokes that we told as kids.  Forgive me, I didn’t  know better.

I was unaware of anything Polish in the culinary world until she came to visit the first Christmas after 12 yo was born and took over my kitchen.

It did not take long to realize the Polish culture includes, as all cultures actually do, their own special brand of culinary delights.

I subsequently learned how to make every single one of the usual holiday treats, and even learned their Polish names although I have a hard time keeping them straight, or spelling them.

English: Christmas fried dumplings with dried ...
Love on a plate Polish Style (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also learned things like, Pierogies which you see in the grocery freezer, are pockets of  mashed potatoes, sometimes with cheese and onions,  inside a pasta like pocket – not really like –  exactly a pasta pocket, the dough is the same – are also made with meat and cabbage and onions, then you serve them with… browned butter.

If you have never had browned butter, you can’t know what you are missing…  it is buttery brown heaven, and the flavor is rich and buttery yumminess..I don’t even know how to describe it (can you tell?)

The meat  pierogies were what the upper class folk who could afford meat would indulge in while the potato ones were for the poor, is what she told me.  I had my share of potato ones but never even knew they were made with meat.

It’s an all day get the whole family involved process to make them,  and one that my family adopted in order to bring everyone together.  And because they are so yummy.

Another favorite was the potato dumplings – I can not remember if they were Glumpke or Kluskies – I think the first is cabbage rolls but I always got the names confused.  Not even sure I spelled them right.  Then of course the potato pancakes were something different all together but the name…

I tried to keep them straight but mostly I ate them.

When I was pregnant with Magpie,  MIL  made potato dumplings and pancakes just because I asked her to.  Love, on a plate with browned butter.

You want to talk about comfort food?  The Polish know comfort food.

Anyways I could go on for more than a moment … but I don;t need to because my little veggie friends are here to help.

I will never know how it came to be that the Veggie Tales enjoy the Polish culinary treats, but I laughed the first time I saw this so hard my eyes teared up, because while most people watch and say wha?  I, have tried every one, and can make most every one, of these 8 Polish dishes.

Its true.  And since I can’t share the actual food, I give you the VeggieTales and 8 Polish Foods of Christmas

My Mother in Law is not with us anymore but I know she would have gotten a really good laugh out of this.


May we be blessed with plenty of love be it tied to food, family …or browned butter.

To Your Holiday Mental State, Whatever it may be..

I am a little hungry I won’t lie.


24 thoughts on “8 Polish Dishes -First Holiday Mental Moment

    1. for reallies? I never have been able to find the Madame Blueberry one you like.. but there are plenty more in the 12 Mental Moments of Christmas. This is one of mine too – who else would do the 8 Polish foods? i mean you gotta love them just for that.. you think we will win Guapman over this Christmas?

  1. That was funny. They sounded like Bob and Doug Mackenzie. When I lived in Saskatchewan, peroghies (I think it is spelled about 80 different ways) were a staple at every bake sale, Christmas sale or farmer market. If you found a good maker, you latched on to them and bought them by the dozen and froze them. They would actually phone and take your order then deliver to your place of work. Crazy

    1. Take off eh? There is an art to making them right for sure.. I think its kind of like how they have tamales here but we used to make them in huge baches – 5 lbs of meat.. and cabbage and onions are the main ingresient – 18 eggs for the dough pulled through the pasta roller the tinnest you could make it.. then we froze them in smaller batches.. is was a bit competitive too.. I think we are making them this weekend – with my family but maybe I will take some pictures 🙂

  2. I love perogies, petahey (I think that’ what Ukrainians call the ones with cabbage, meat & onions), holopshey (cabbage rolls). I don’t know how to spell all these words (my background is English & Scottish), but I love the food.

  3. Mmmmm. Love pierogis. I am not caring too much whether you are stuffing them with Polish, Oriental or Italian ingredients. Just make the butter brown and pan fry them. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Oh, and poppy bread. More butter. ❤ OK, after four days of not eating, I am hungry ❤

  4. I love perogies!!! Too bad that other than Mrs. T’s, they are difficult to find. At one time, Costco had some good ones – but sorry to say, no more. Hmmmm … now I wonder about Trader Joe’s.

    BTW – Sorry that it took me too long to see something on your home page. I was thinking the featured post was the latest …. big oops on my part! … but at least now I know! 🙂 … thus looking forward to more holiday special moments in this series!

    1. Oh trader Joe’s I never looked there.. I jave never seen them with meat in the freezer but I do like the potatoe ones too.. Costco here is notorious for getting rid of the best stuff..

      And its pretty much a crap shoot what goes where – but i do try to keep the mental Moments in the daily news – and the posts that are just from where ever i pull them up in the featured.. It works out really good when I get to posting a daily Mental Moment again as you can see all thats new in one glance… Thanks for taking the time to find your way here though 🙂

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