Romantic MDay – The Drawing

the drawing

Here with my thoughts
as they fly to my pen
I look down and see not words
but a man on the page
coming alive
strong and virile
looks as if he is you

With each stroke of my pen
I am taken again
to the night you first had me
or maybe another
but I can see me
weak with desire
do you have any idea
of the power in my pen
to make you whoever I please

A soldier a god a seeker of truth
a shining knight or a king
I can do it with words
by the stroke of a brush
anything I want in my view
and tonight I draw you my lover
it’s selfish I know but here I am

As you come alive in my mind
I am starting to find
my body is hungry and wanting
drawing your hands
I can feel them again
as they stroked and explored me
I wonder could you feel me throbbing
with the need of you
feel how much you turned me on

My hips pushed against you
was I begging you more
your touch
soft or demanding,
drives me wild
even now as I bring that look to your eyes
I am feeling my body respond
I can feel how I want you yet wonder
how to draw me in

How is it you see me
when I go across your mind
am I a fleeting thought no shape
like the wind
merely an idea
of what is to you desire
or do you put me in your room
on my back legs spread before you
body yearning your way
eyes beckoning
please take me now

do you see yourself take me
one thrust you are there
or slowly taking your time
once in me
do you think you posses me
for this moment in time I am yours
do you forget where you are
and want only more
and to feel it again
do you search for the ultimate joy
that’s how I draw me then though
I wanted it so
I make your lover a girl with black hair
Indiscriminate face
she looks out of place
Who is she I wonder
and do you know

I suppose with my pen
imagine again
I could make whoever I want to
a maiden fair
sex for a fare
another willing option
a harpy or demon
a goddess or whore
maybe she is your queen
My pen starts to slow
the end of the view is at hand
I finish her face
she’s still out of place
but who am I to judge
who you take to your bed

I only draw what I feel
Although it is she imagined
and I am real
not a drawing


by golly is it possible that MDays have become something to look forward to again?

hmmm let’s not go too far but I have to say that having Romantic MDay be on Mday was a flash of brilliance by Edward Hotspur – one because well the name just screams for it , and two because it has left a good impression at the end of the day.

I am going to wait and reserve judgement, this being only the third one and me not being one to judge much, but I am enjoying it and think everyone ought to get involved and spread the love.

If you want to participate, click the link to go to Edward’s post above -( go anyways just to read it even if you don’t do your own, a worthy read and links to other participants) – and put your link in the comments..

One thing I enjoy about this is the challenge of writing something outside of my normal comfort zone. Not that I am uncomfortable about writing or thinking stuff like this but I blush a little when I think about sharing it.

So Romantic Mday has become a day that I accept I may shock you, hopefully awe you… and challenge myself to be bold and open some of the other doors of the fun house I call my head..

and that is ok, because I am smart enough and good enough and gosh darn it…

8 thoughts on “Romantic MDay – The Drawing

  1. Yes, yes, mmhmm and well, of course.

    This is a fabulous poem, Lizzie. The bridge between art and words is not one many can cross without help from those who can ❤

    Perfectly romantic start to the week.

  2. You have absolutely nothing to blush about, Lizzie. This was the best fucking thing I’ve ever read on your blog, and one of the best things I’ve ever read on ANY blog. It’s amazing. I’m seriously impressed.

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