Romantic MDay; A tornado, a volcano and a hurricane

By looking you could not see
the storm of unsettle that was she
at once perfect stillness
and then complete madness
without warning could lay waste to a heart

With love all mixed up in her head
she loved deeper than others compared
with her heart not her head ruling
there was no one she was fooling
more than she fooled herself  

Love was what she was
and nothing else gave her pause
but the force of love in the path of her storm
the caring thought and touch made her warm
and calmed the impending destruction

By looking you could not see
the depth of passion  that was he
on the surface seemingly docile
beneath the surface was  volatile
a slow burn lay waste to his heart

With love and need confused
his heart give or take he refused
still waters, no, molten lava runs deep
passion aside to others he could keep
the facade of cold and uncaring

Love was what he needed
but not to what he conceded
to touch and be touched by one
whose kindred spirit recognized his own
and stoked fires within he understood

They met the day the hurricane came
A tornado, a volcano, in the midst of chaos and rain
Love was theirs although odd in its ways
still they met and collided, hearts left dazed
too much too big, yet all there was.

Three  forces together all destruction and pain
can the winds and fire be cooled and restrained
It’s the perfect storm
passion and love hidden, forlorn
Two wrecked souls and a  hurricane.


I had something else for today’s Romantic Mday post, partly why this is late.  Sometimes we are inspired by the things that are going on around us.  Edward Hotspur, who began this neat little feature (for lack of a better word) and has done logos and is linking everyone together. as well as writing some really romantic stuff. or maybe the writing should be first so the list is not in order of importance I guess, put out a reminder this past weekend;  

If you want to participate today, here’s what you do:  Write a blog post that celebrates Romance!Your post can be in the form of a poem, a photo collage, a video, a fictional story, a story about that special someone, an anniversary or date you had, a lament for a lost love, or some combination of these – it can even be sexy, dark, gothic, erotic or Gorean. The only rule is that it has to beRomantic! Leave a comment with a link to your romantic post, and I’ll link to it at the bottom of this post, and perhaps everyone will link to them. We’ll make Romance last!

That would be, leaving a comment on his post which is linked with his name above and let’s get as many people involved in this as we can…  Now somewhere I saw something about haunting because this is the Mday before Halloween and I was doing a cute little love story between a pumpkin and a ghost and how the witch tried to squash their love…. oh never mind, but this little poetic offering was in bits and pieces needing something to tie it together…and its kind of haunting no?  maybe?    

Nothing like a little storm with high winds, rain and a power outage to spark a little romance right?  ok, just trying to find the silver lining for all you folks affected.  Stay safe and warm and if you are holed up with your romantic partner.. stay naked.  What?  Just saying I would be…   geesh.  

Lizzie Cracked.. and not yet broken.   


24 thoughts on “Romantic MDay; A tornado, a volcano and a hurricane

      1. ha I haven’t posted the broccoli poem yet.. do you think it would fit in with romance? its got nudity and love and conflict and – hey yea it is kind of romantic huh? lol 😀

    1. seen…where? here? or for Romantic MDay?
      I have oodles but I never thought I was poetic.. until lately I mean – and even then eh.. well hey this one kinda has a limerick rhythm doesn’t it? it came so close to having a bit of a limerick ending.. such a conundrum – funny or romantic hmmmmm

      thank you. 😀

      1. Yes we did …one week ago but still settling in and unpacking…we really downsized to a Mobile home…it has 3 bedrooms and is roomy but the storage is difficult..We have two sheds full…some things like pictures you just can’t throw out etc etc. ..but we’re almost there..thanks for asking…Diane

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