I don;t often reblog but today I read this poem and I wanted to share it with all of you. Jake of Poems and Ponderings wrote this and it is just such a great message. Make sure you check out his other poems while you are there .. Jake is quite talented and writes on all different things and subjects and is funny, or poignant, deep or silly..its all there. I have enjoyed his blog immensely 🙂


      The message of this poem is; in this life we all have a role, we are all “Something” and that we should embrace that purpose that we have been given, and do it in the best possible manner. We are not all destined for greatness or notoriety, but we can be great at what we are, if we have enough pride in ourselves to do it right.

     Please enjoy, and BE kind,



Be a lion,

be a lamb,

be the water,

be the dam,

be a pound,

be a gram.


 Be a hammer,

be a nail,

be an oar,

be a sail,

be a rabbit,

be a snail.


 Be an adult,

be a child,

be the sharp,

be the mild,

be the tame,

be the wild.


 Be the shepherd,

be the ewe,

be the pasture,

be the dew,

be the old,

be the new.

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