Happy Talk from the Coffee Spot Oct 23

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HEY! Yes you. Want a donut?

Come in, it’s cheery and warm in The Coffee Spot and look at the others laughing and having fun. Warms a girl’s heart I tell you. Can’t resist that I will bet, if I put on the poutyness ??

C’mon just for a minute, or 8 or something. Yes I know what day it is, and I say just be a little late for work. It’s a donut, a perfect excuse for anything really.

So yes I was here yesterday, but I left. I forgot why. I knew I would come back today though. I really enjoy our Happy Talk and as far as it being on the DAY THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED.. ok I do need a sign for real right? I use it too much not to do up something art fartastic, which is a new standard I just made up. It means very surprising, Lizzie like – which is to say…

Oh never mind we are on a time schedule today I think. Who wants to skip work and just sit here and see who can drink the most coffee without peeing? Oh I know you do – you too! Nothing to be embarrassed about. Even if you can;t hold it and still try thinking you can beat me. I won;t point it out. Promise.

It has been the weirdest of months. I am once again stuck in time, similar to around this time last year. I do believe that I stop on momentous occasions and don;t reset my inner clock until … I dunno later? Go ahead ask me what the date is.

What is the date? Why it’s the 5th of October. See?

Last year I got stuck somewhere in September and didn’t calibrate until somewhere around Thanksgiving.

I suppose it could be worse. I could still be in June. The ding dang a/c units are still humming away during the day and then maddeningly at night in that time when the pavement releases the days heat back to the sky. It gets trapped in the house and the air conditioner kicks right on. It’s October the 2??? twenty something today and I always look forward to the small window of time when there is no a/c and no heat needed. The windows open and the cool morning air… That;s when I am glad I am in the desert. For like 3 and a half weeks a year.

Every once in a while it goes from hot to cold with no silence of the humming motors in between. Please I ask all that is good in this world do not make this fall to winter one of those. It is the same unit. And I had a particularly hard time with the air conditioner this summer. Psychosis with a capital AC, but we can talk about that particular type of fun some other day. Maybe. Still unnerves me.

Ok I am avoiding the heavy – this is happy but I must I guess mention the reason I was gone it you are unaware is because my grandmother passed away. Why is it away I wonder?

And then so did my computer. Well it got fried. So I have learned much about the way I am inspired to write this last year. When the big changes and events take place, it isn;t so much I have nothing to say I just need to pull myself in until I am not feeling so much like I fell down a razor blade into a bowl of salt.

Raw, stung and fragile. It would seem I dump my pain into words and when they are alive on their own and not inside of me anymore, I can begin to heal and then I start to feel the need to write again, and draw and create and live and ..laugh. That little period of time is like being wrapped in a cocoon and often very lonely but I come out of it stronger, or brighter, or just ok but I always come back with something new inside of me. A new hope or realization or acceptance. A new quest sometimes. I think the death of someone you love very much can easily have you dwelling on your own mortality and taking stock of your life, maybe searching for things that are more meaningful rather than an appearance.

I don’t know why we are so afraid of change – it is life. If we don;t change we don;t grow. Oh I know I am one of the worst at adapting but I am learning that we can not remain unchanged, static and live – merely exist.

So with every bump I change some and I have let go of the holding on to what will no longer be. Change is good and if you are uncomfortable it is a sign of growth. I see now that the changes do not render me thoughtless or blocked in writing or artistic expression but change the direction of my purpose and my voice.

Yes I still want to make a difference, I still want to change the world, and now I know that any major change requires a readjustment period for me. So I will always come back, and that is something that I feel in my heart. this is where I was meant to end up and if I take it all in stride and go with what I am feeling and not feel the need to remain in parameters that don;t really fit the new circumstance, I will be everyday, present and accountable whether I am raging or patient, or ambivalent or quiet. That is where I am meant to go. Of all the things I may feel at any given point and its kind of a crap shoot sometimes in 15 minute increments, caring is not something I let go of.

So that as a whole bag of wind that I didn;t plan on today ๐Ÿ™‚


News and other stuff:

A couple things I wanted to tell you – maybe this should be announcements and ..ok anyways highlights and stuff. Since I haven;t been around much it;s a little scarce this week but nonetheless important and meaningful. If not to you than to someone right?

  • Since Happy talk was supposed to be out on Sunday – I was going to tell you about the Romantic M’Day Multiblog Event – Ok so that wa yesterday but word on the blogosphere is that this may become a weekly event. I will keep you updated and you can also check at Edward Hotspur’s place to see what is going down. He did a bunch of great logos for it as well so if you participated or are in the future make sure you grab one for your blog. I thought it was pretty cool idea and I am still reading the entries. I may get finished by next M’Day.
  • I am changing The Day that Shall Not be Named here at Running Naked With Scissors to M’Day – it was suggested by Edward Hotspur when I was wondering how I would get around breaking my rule every week. It also is shorter and I hadn’t done the other sign yet so.. it works for me.
  • Magpie’s Treasures will be returning most likely this Sunday. Miss Magpie has been very busy with school and friends and this last week she went camping with her Brownie Troop. ย  Report cards came out last week and I am proud to report she got an A in writing and reading… and well pretty much everything but those two subjects she is particularly proud of and so am I.
  • So any of you creative types out there – yea I know there aren’t many .. ๐Ÿ˜€ ย  ย  If you are say writing a book or anything or maybe you want to be a beta reader, or do some art work or get a critique on a work in progress… stuff like that, there is a forum just started that is a great place to go to participate with a great community of really creative people who work together to help each other realize their goals of creating, writing , publishing… Go on over,ย take a look around, there is plenty to keep you busy and plenty to help you out. The more we have involved the more ideas and .. I mean wow.. think of the possibilities. Here is the Link http://forum.redmundpro.com/ On the right hand side there is a menu, click forums and you can register from there. It is the forum for Redmund Productions and I am telling you the people who are there already are the best and we (hee hee see how I did that?) always welcome the input of others and are eager to help. C’mon – don;t sit there staring at your latest WIP and wonder if it is good – or wish you could do artwork for a cover – or wonder what it takes to get published, CLICK THE LINK! yes..you can even do it now. Just be sure and come back. ๐Ÿ™‚


This week it seems fitting to show and give this award because I have the best follower’s ever! EVER! Don’t even think you can argue with me. Ok you can but um I still have the best followers. You all have been so wonderful and supportive and this past week, patient. Ok not just this past week I think patience is one of those things that makes me more fun. Not that I have patience – which I do oh so much, at least until I want to do something ridiculously bad then I can be a pain in … any ways that you all have the patience and dedication (see how I worked that in there so it matches the award?) to wait out my silences and brooding and not here when I said I would be and still come back for more. The payoff of course is that I, being a boatload of fun, am worth waiting for cause when I am here there is never a dull moment. And every once in a while I can be so damn full of myself I know you must laugh. I like that I can bring a smile, giggle, snort or belly laugh to someone but the real payoff is that I would like to present this award to all of you. Take it my dedicated followers you have more than earned it. As far as I have seen there is no questions to answer or rules to break and bend, no requirement to even pass it on, so take it.

May 27 from Teri @ The Narcissist Blog
June 11 Karmic Diva

and know that I am truly thankful for all of you that stick with me and brighten my day. I am forever grateful that I found this place and you found me. Or maybe I found you first but it all comes out in the wash… thank you.

From The Art Department:

Reports from the art department over at Artsy Brain Fartsies are kinda scarce. My art farter is not in a creative go mood although I am working on some things. New Posting for the Romantic MDay Multiblog event Yesterday is up and more to come this week.

Look for the new Featured Artsy Fartist this week….wonder who it will be? I mean… I know but ha! it;s a surprise. Cool huh? (I really do know who it is I am not playing)

Think you have what it takes to be a Artsy Fartist? Contact me on the Direct Line to the Mother Ship page and tell me what ya got. Don’t be shy …

Flash in The Pan

The fall edition of Flash in the Pan is closed and we are working on winter. The book with all the participating flashes will be released the first of November. You can find out details and join in the fun and if you contribute you can be published in the next edition. Check out Red’ s place Momma’s Money Matters, just for fun and then look for the Flash in the Pan page for the words and word limit and this time around, by popular demand, she is offering once a month a Hot Flash – one word where the maximum word limit is 50. I was pushing for 30 – let’s see if we get that low.

All you Trifecta Participants who do the 33 word challenges – I expect to see your shiny faces participating this go around. And if you participate – even just once you will have your take on the word of the week and month…published. With your name and bio and stuff. Cool right? Let’s make this next one even better than the one coming out in November! No pressure though. Just saying.

The word is Ripple – the limit is 75. This one comes in at 70.

He wanted to savor the moment and have it to over simultaneously. The irony almost too much, he felt nauseous. ย Finally recognized for life achievement, and they expected a speech.

He stood for the walk to adulation and in his mind humiliation. ย  Suddenly he tripped, caught himself, and as if by instinct, the comedic defenses of his youth kicked in.

At the appreciative ripple of laughter, he forgot his fears

Word of the Week

The word of the week is;

Specificity; free from ambiguity; accuracy.

Have a favorite word you would like to see on the word of the week? Go to the Direct Line to the Mothership page above and email it to me. This week’s word is a favorite of and contributed by Red from M3. and as always if you choose to demonstrate your mastery of the word of the week, please link back to here for recognition and another link the following Happy Talk.

One More Thought

I’m the one who)’s gonna die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to… Jimi Hendrix

Have a great week


Lizzie Cracked

oh! ย hey anyone want to tell me how many words I made up this week? ย there are a few and a couple I kind of like. ย ๐Ÿ™‚



12 thoughts on “Happy Talk from the Coffee Spot Oct 23

  1. Well, I was expecting a delightfully rambling post, but was very impressed by the specificity within!

    I’m going to have to check out the Redmund link, and think about if I want to do a story for Ripple…

    Nobody bounces back like you LizzieC, and great to see the Coffee Spot again!

    1. WP ate my reply again ;-( so here; the condensed version –
      I didn;t ramble? I must be sick – trying to make a habit pf perserverance – finsih what I started – it’s Tues – um – yes do Ripple and all the others too – ๐Ÿ™‚ and YES go to the forum.. it’s a really neat place – you would be a o=wonderful and welcome addition to the mix ๐Ÿ™‚ the wonderful thing about Lizzie is that I have a rubber body suit that I half rock but still bounces – kinda like a weeble wobble with air. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. and excellent example to show your vocab mastery – I think you need a badge. I did mention that I noticed this afte I rambled about it in my first reply that WP ate (it likes my words) but didn;t the second time around – ๐Ÿ˜€ so I am doing it now cause yea.. I was like ohhhhh yea huh lol the word. thank you – you know it makes me happy to see people having fun with vocabulary ๐Ÿ™‚ ..

  2. Ultra sweet, chica. You have come a great stretch, and you are quite a bit more adaptable than you initially thought.

    โค seeing my word! Off to conquer the world and put your flash in the new book. I love the growth. ๐Ÿ™‚ We are going to have a huge one this time!

    Much love โค

  3. I haven’t been a very faithful follower lately….this move has taken up so much time and cognitive ability to concentrate on anything…Hopefully things will get back to ‘semi’ normal soon…Diane

  4. […] been a word used to describe my stalking following for ages. This lovely award comes from Lizzie at Running Naked with Scissors. I stalk her place in much the same way she (and many others) stalk M3. This is a first award of […]

  5. “bag full of wind” you didn’t expect – that made me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

    What an excellent post – sort of a total roundup! I didn’t know about your Day That Shall Not Be Named. No surprise Edward came up with an idea though. He’s great.

    Merry Christmas to you, Lizzie. This is awesome having time off, getting to read around and about….

    Here’s to healing & writing (again) ๐Ÿ™‚

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