Eye of The Storm

Adrift at sea, no rudder,
on a steadfast course to nowhere.
The water like glass..flat and still,
Nothing stirs in the disturbing calm.

I don’t know how to weather this
I don’t know how to breathe
I want my mind’s tossed wilderness
of  endless stormy seas.

When in the eye of the storm
I fear for what may come
I see for miles flat nothing
but I know that this is wrong

I am deceived by the listless float
lulled by the lack of wind
All around maybe peaceful now
while  unrest and rage deepens within

I am up and down and all around,
fear not my feelings rule
It’s when I am sitting in  the calm
I’m scared of darkness pull..

It’s never the end
there is no end
it;s only the eye of the storm..
It’s peaceful calm and soothing
But here my mind is torn




20 thoughts on “Eye of The Storm

  1. Dear Lizzie,

    First of all, your poetic skills are wonderful. This poem is moving and terrifying. I understand it fully and with my whole being. To the bipolar mind, change is the norm. Change is the commonplace. I understand why you are so devastated and suspicious of the calm. I think you are in this place in the poem, for protection. Do you have more poetry? It’s gorgeous in a terrifying way.


  2. gorgeous in a terrifying way–good description by my fellow commenter–know that you are not the only one to experience this — those who have no diagnosis are fearful are the same things – I lost a bipolar friend recently — she was so alive, vibrant, encouraging to others and full of life when her “mind was not torn”.

  3. You do poetry so very well, Lizzie. I love this one. I think On the Home Front is right. This poem is not just bipolar by any means. It is strictly human. Damn. We are so on the same wavelength right now.
    Much love,

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