Magpie’s Treasure; Sea Turtles

streaked hair

Today,  Miss Magpie is going to tell us about sea turtles and how they lay their eggs.  I am especially happy she did this week’s feature as they are out of school for 2 weeks (1 down 1 to go… )  They get entirely too much time off these days …    I may have forgotten to mention that both her and Bubbsy are on Fall Break until the 18th of October, but they sure are keeping me busy.  Occupied.   Entertained.  

I have put up a new picture of Magpie because we put purple streaks in her hair on Friday and I don’t know but I think I may let her do the all over look – purple is a good color on her.   😉   I would have put them in mine Friday too but I just put other stuff in the cover the greys   make it superdy duper shiny – and it is too, oh boy.

Anyways this isn’t about hair, and the picture doesn’t do her justice but I am heading over to the Coffee Spot for coffee and a doughnut if you would care to join me later.

Today marks the beginning of Mental Illness Awareness Week, we can chat about that and how we can all do our part to change attitudes and change lives…  I am doing mine everyday.  I play the part of the mentally ill chick.

What?     😉


Meeresschildkröte bei Eiablage, Pazifik, Puert...
Meeresschildkröte bei Eiablage, Pazifik, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexiko (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How Sea Turtles Lay Their Eggs

Today I want to tell you how sea turtles lay eggs.

First one of the 1,000,000 mother turtles has to check the beach and tell the others if its safe.  She says yes, so all 1,000,000 sea turtles go lay their eggs.  They scurry up the shore.  Next they dig the hole with there flippers.  Finally they cover there nest and hurry to sea. They lay the eggs on the same beach she was born.

About 6-8 week later or 2 months, the eggs hatch.   Only few survive.   The mothers lay about 4 nest and over 1,000 eggs and then the cycle continues.  The end i’m out.      my hair is purple

5 thoughts on “Magpie’s Treasure; Sea Turtles

  1. wow magpie is shure looking grown now a days…. i think that i will be using my blog again….. with a segment in my drunken mothers rantings……. wow lol i can do a new one every night ….. hmmmmm call me miss cracker … oops i mean cracked …. i miss you

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