30 Days Condensed, Reheat and Eat (or like soup pt 2)

30 days in an hour, 30 day blog challenge

Back to our challenge.   Is that right, our challenge?

Well I assume many of you lovely people will participate….right?  See how I kinda did that?  You are thinking – wow I don’t want to let Lizzie down so I think I ‘ll do it.  or .. well never mind this is a family show sometimes.

 Edward Hotspur got this from Benzeknees.  who got it from Pink Ninjabi...  and I did part one yesterday and I am jumping right in where I left off which was 16, otherwise I will just start going on and on about other things and that would defeat the purpose.  At least I think it would.  Kinda.  Whatever.

16.  Something you think “what if” about – what if I had a V8?  this one is tough because I ask it a hundred times a day.  Its one of my favorite games actually..  I think I wrote about it but I don;t remember where.  Nice of me to get off my bum and go look for it to give you a link isn;t it?  I know.

17.  Something you are proud of – Well of course I am proud of my kids – I have 6 of them and they are all special – one even licks windows…  seriously they are all amazing kids and I was just going to say of course I am proud of them but everyone says my kids..and now I have gone on and  – I am proud of me.  How’s that?  Why are people so hesitant to say they are proud of themselves?  I mean I am too but there it is.  And it is the first time in a long time I can say it and feel it and enjoy it.

18  A problem that you have had –  depends on how you look at it.  Either my whole life is a problem or it’s just life and nothing is really to the problem level – except..nope – well I do need a brake light rear passenger for a 1990 BMW if anyone has a spare. Otherwise I am all good.

19.  Five items you lust after – 1.  Chromebook  2.  graphic tablet that works  3. Donuts.  I really don;t eat them a lot – but I would eat them 3 meals a day if I could 4.  Someone who shows me that I am his only – not an option or a back up plan,  and loves me..the way I am.   5.  Life size replica of Batman.

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Anima...
Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Animated Series (1992–1995) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

20.  Your fears – I am afraid of the dark.  I am not afraid to be alone having found peace and comfort in solitude but I fear that I wont ever have love again.  I fear getting worse, losing abilities and forgetting.  Spiders and the Wicked Witch of the West, the flying Monkeys, actually the entire movie Wizard of Oz. Letting people down that count on me.

21.  How you hope your future will be like – I hope it will be hard as hell and full of strife and bad luck….  ok sorry that was just one of those questions that ..you know when you use your debit card and the store and the machine says – is that ok?  I always tell the clerk its fine as long as it isn’t from my account.  I mean how stupid can a question be?  not this one – this one is just struck me funny, kinda.

I hope my future is a present.

22.  Academics – I been schooled – in all sorts of things for years.

23.  Something that you miss –   certainty and childlike wonder..and my marbles.  They were pretty too.  Being with someone who I never have to explain myself to, I was ok whether I was talking 100 mph or couldn’t get out of bed and no matter how quirky weird my sense of humor got, holding hands, the embarrassment (long story).  My kids that aren;t with me, the puppies, Lucky and George.

24.  Five words / phrases that make you laugh

  1. I want a Pony!
  2. Sphinchtersayswhat?
  3. tinkle,
  4. wanker,
  5. Uranus – that one especially since I asked my 8 yo as we were Google Skying if she thought that was funny, and of course being the good mother I am when she asked why would it be, I told her.  None of her friends know I guess so we walk around the house and pass each other and one of us will say it and we both burst into laughter.

I got over when they were testing for maturity levels to have children.  My records got mixed up with some stuffy poo head..  lol poo head.  LOL!!  Oh one more just cause I am into it now Up your Gee Gee with a Waa Waa Brush!  My family is potty oriented I don’t know what else to tell you.  What do you expect with six heathens – 7 now

What really makes me laugh lately is Bubbsy and Gracie – Last night Bubbsy wanted ranch dressing on his broccoli which was already dressed but apparently not properly and he said when he grew up he wasn’t going to ever eat to which my mom said you have to eat and he said –

wait before I tell you…  I am giggling already but I realize it loses a little in that you can;t hear him and aren’t familiar with his particular brand of funny.  This kid last week looked at his fork and out of no where said “Broccoli, why do you mock me?”   So I am aware as I tell the story it may be completely lost and you may be yawning but seriously folks you have to laugh at this one His reply to my mom;

Nuh uh Im a Ninja and Ninjas eat bricks!

We laugh a lot and at the weirdest things.  so on any given day it could be anything.  Uranus.

25.  Something you are currently worrying about –  my disordered and worn out brain.   Finding the best nudist camp to retire to, whether there is any reversing the damage tv has done to my two smallest kids – the ones with the best grades who love school and are both academically excelling…  and I ruined them…  :roll

26.  things you like / dislike about yourself – I am a boatload of fun – I know this because I hang out with myself all the time, On good days I am one of the sharper tools in the shed, on bad days I am too just from a darker perspective – I am smart, funny, and repetitive sometimes – see that I kinda said the same thing twice.  I am very creative and highly intuitive with the ability to confuse even the most focused of people.  (that;s my super power)  My eyes are pretty cool and I have a huge heart.  I don;t like my nose so much anymore – it;s crooked which I guess is ok but and I don’t like that I have no shut off switch and can just go to sleep like normal people do.

27.  A quote you try to live by –   “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” 
― Oscar Wilde

28.  Somewhere you would like to move or visit – Colorado.  I grew up there and would go back in a heart beat.  half of a heart beat.

29  Five weird things you like –   flannel sheets in the summer, blankets and pillows,   real books paper in my hands, my car, VeggieTales

30.  I am excited for the end of this challenge – I bet you are too!

MM MMM soup is good food, just don;t try the soup sandwich, it’s messy.


7 thoughts on “30 Days Condensed, Reheat and Eat (or like soup pt 2)

  1. I am afraid of the dark too! But I love the Wizard of Oz- those witches are my peeps.

    “Broccoli. why do you mock me” <—————- Epic & priceless!

    I may attempt some of these this week- maybe. Maybe not. I'll never tell!

    1. do it! that was an excited utterance not an order – as if you take orders anyways 😉 what about the flying monkeys? Were they scary and did they have tails? My mom got me a night light today… you have to tell..right? if you do it I mean..

      on second thought there is a lot of room for interesting interpretation there…

    1. wanna know what? I thought I was flat and serious… but I guess not.. I don;t think I really can be and you would be amazed at how other’s perception isn’t as tough as our own..I think you will come across very warm and caring and you do too have a wonderful sense of humor – you laugh at my jokes 🙂 I can;t wait to read your answers…

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