Flash in the Pan; Dinner

This week’s word for The Flash in the Pan  – Flash Fiction Challenge ;


It’s not really this weeks word, it’s the word I picked.  Last week maybe?

Red from Momma’s Money Matters is offering up the challenge and anyone can join the fun,  Just link your offering to the post on M3 with the same word and be sure and check out the maximum word counts – for September 125  this one came in at 113.

Also if you want to be included in the Quarterly publishing for this go around, it closes in 2 days.  If you decide to sneak yours in, head over to M3 to make sure you don’t miss any information.   Just go do it.  Now.

No, after.  Sorry.  I got excited.


  Almost didn’t make it but as she rooted around the cupboards she was grateful the little kids were at friends and the bigger kids were wherever they go to eat.  More grateful that they  weren’t giving her a hard time for not food shopping and wondered how much they knew.

Another short week and they were getting to the bare bones of the pantry.  She reached into the dark recess and after feeling around a bit pulled out the last blueberry Pop Tart,

she said, to no one in particular while she  gleefully ripped into her dinner, wondering how the heck the bottomless pits she called children had missed this little gem.  

Pop-Tarts Frosted Strawberry


20 thoughts on “Flash in the Pan; Dinner

      1. me too 🙂 thanks. It just makes ya feel all ….happy and stuff. And keeps me from going off the deep end of drastic with some new theme or some other something…. It was a little present to myself – and all you too I guess 🙂 and as far as Blueberry? I haven;t a clue 😕 Lol

    1. dinner is one of the first things I gave up when I decided to stop trying to fit in – dinner time dinner food… if I donlt want to eat I don;t ….and if I want to wait until 8 I will… just one little hitch but we have that cleared up now… um my kids pretty much wanted dinner consisting of dinner food everynight at approxiamately the same time…like that;s my job or something 🙄

      we did have ice cream for dinner the other night when my mom was gone…shhh 🙂

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