Have you no Shame? I should hope not Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Today is ..today is what is today?  I have been off all week

I mean really first a day behind then a day ahead and oh

it’s Thursday… yay!  You know what that means!


Shame (OMD song)

Next week I am going to lighten things up a bit for you mostly because next week – is the beginning of October – I made it through another year – no a /c units were hurt and I am feeling myself be me again.  I love this time of year.  Don;t get me wrong it;s still well over a hundred here during the day but not for much longer.  Happy dance with the butt wiggle.

What?  Aren;t I ashamed of myself doing the butt wiggle at my age?

Excuse me?  Are you new on my blog?  DO you KNOW who I am?

No.  Shame is a waste of time.

Today’s Mental Moment…

happens to now be about shame.  It wasn’t going to be but I think we need to discuss something here.

Yes I know I just said shame is a waste of time but I think there would be more benefit to me explaining why then to just assume you will take my word for it and stop the shame machine.

So, let’s go with it.

Ok, Shame, it’s probably safe to say I am talking completely out my ass here but I might say something that makes perfect sense.  I do that every now and again.  It;s fun.

Oh and it is all my personal thoughts on the matter, which is as usual but I just felt like it really needed to be said here.  Maybe I am worried I will offend someone  but I am not ashamed of what I think.

So, shame.

Shame is not a real emotion.  Ok maybe its real because you feel it but it could be called something different.

Shame is man made and is used for the purpose of oppressing and controlling groups of people who are perceived as a threat, or who the propagators want to keep in a position of subjugation.

I have half a mind to tell you I think the Catholic Church is the worst offender in this area but I won;t.  It isn;t just them although they use it…uh..shamelesly to keep the fear of all that is supposedly holy in members.

Consider This:

The first incident of shame that I ever remember hearing about was good old Eve in the Garden of Eden when she disobeyed.  Adam and Eve were cast from the garden and for some weird reason they then became aware they were naked and in shame covered themselves.

I don;t get that.  But what is says to me is that shame is punishment.  In the dictionary one of the definitions is indeed  – used to reproach someone for less than desirable behavior.

So, backtrack, I think shame is natural when we go against our better judgement or conscious and do something out of the realm of our own morals.

But I also think it is just  thrown around too much.  Young girls when I was one were ashamed that their bodies didn;t look like the models.  Why?  Then to top it all off add insult to injury and compound the shame, ridicule was heaped on top with a cherry too and …

We should be ashamed of our bodies why?

Yea probably some dude with a little wanker that …never mind.

Do you follow where I am going?  The threat of shame and the act of shaming someone is used to keep people in line.

Shame that they went against  what some preacher said is God’s will.

Shame that they are mentally ill.

Shame in our bodies.

Shame that they enjoy horizontal ..um…  I forgot what she called it ….sex.  Now why would we have sex if we are supposed to be ashamed.

someone was really screwed up in the head back when they discovered how shame works.  Like they had some special power or something.


What happens when someone is ashamed or shamed, especially in front of others?  They are meek and powerless.

Gee sounds like a good way to control people to me.

As if God would give us these bodies to live out our lives in shame.


I have no shame.  Just a bit of modesty and humbleness sometimes.

But shame  – I am over it.  I have nothing to be ashamed of.

Bet you don;t either.

Shame on the fools who think they can keep us down with it.

To Your Mental State, Whatever it may be…



14 thoughts on “Have you no Shame? I should hope not Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Hi Lizzie! I love this post…I’ve had shame like a disease, and I recall where it started, I have a distince memory when I was two years old. I had a shaming mom. Then the rest of society fit into that picture seamlessly. I have no shame about my body, but for need of love- ah yes, I do. Thank you for this!

    1. You are welcome – how are you Gail? This brings up another aspect I didn;t even go into – the shame a parent puts on their child for doing something that is natural… girls are raised to be ashamed of their bodies although I think not as much as before – from what I can tell… imperfection, pleasure.. so many things that just shouldn;t have an iota of shame even near them…

    1. Thanks I cant remember what gave me that aha moment but it fits with a lot of things – and I do think religions – some of them are some of the biggest abusers of shame… its sad that things that should be natural and just …be…are made shameful and even that people feel shame for things that they did not cause – and is not their fault – i.e. mental illness…the shame tied to that is ….why though?

  2. Love where you took this. OMG you need a Facebook button. What in the world would I shamelessly tell my crowd there about how OTT their shaming everyone is? *wicked, evil grins*


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