The I in Integrity is for You Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment


Today is …  it’s….  No way How did THAT happen?

Oh wait I thought it was Wednesday.

I got flustered there for a minute and completely lost my awesome lead in that ties the the days happenings in with the Mental Moment.


Today’s Mental Moment

is about Integrity.

Integrity is defined in the dictionary as honesty and moral uprightness.  It also is a wholeness, or completeness, a state of being at one, whole or complete.

Do you wonder with what?

To have integrity you must have high moral standards and stand by them no matter what, and also tell the truth.  You either have integrity, or you don;t there is no kind of integrious.   

I thought I knew that because I thought I made up the word integrious.  I was wrong but it still goes towards you either have it or you don’t.  Integrious means having the mark of integrity.

How about that?

So there is more integrious but no kind of.  That’s like being pregnant.  You can be more pregnant but not kind of pregnant.

And we are moving on…

It is the connection of ones’ inner view displayed in their actions to the word.  the quality of truthfulness and honesty are evident in our actions.

Why is someone with integrious character what we aspire to be?

You might be asking me why ..or I do?  especially if you just learned that the word integrious is real and what it means like I did.  Ok I get that.

How about why do we value Integrity?

Consider This;

We value truth for sure and no one likes to be lied to.  People who make a habit out of telling tall tales or conning other people cause hurt and bad feelings and just a lot of wrongness all around.  Once you realize that a person lies to you, then you probably will not trust them anymore and that changes things in your life.  Dynamics and importance of things etc.

Unless you are like me and give people a gazillion chances to redeem themselves.  That’s a Mental Moment for another day though.

We value integrity. It means, what we are told is what happens and if a person with integrity is our mate let’s say, or close friend, or …well anyone we are involved with who has integrity is someone we can count on and someone we can believe in and put our trust in rightfully.

Did you ever happen to notice that the people who live integrious lives. (yes I do really like that word now) the ones who live by what they say, and who keep their values no matter what, tend to be the best adjusted and ..seemingly the most, at peace or have a sense of calm and peace about them.    How about …whole or complete?

I am not saying their lives are perfect. That they are perfect.  There are plenty of people with integrity that have plenty of problems.  Mental Illness, Illiterate, Homeless, Unemployed, you get the idea right?

Anyone can live with integrity and have integrity.  Any race color or  creed, anyone can have it and live with it..

So maybe it is integrity that lends towards that sense of calm and lack of distress even if they are in a stressful situation.  They don’t scramble when they are in a situation they have to remember who they told what because they don;t lie as a rule.

When you are the same person inside as you are to the rest of world  – you are whole complete, not parts and pieces some possibly not even belonging to you all scattered around here and there.

And truly having integrity means you walk the walk and talk the talk  – or walk the talk maybe is more like it.

If you read this little thing about integrity and say

well if no one knows then I get away with it.( whatever you have gotten away with that goes against what you say you believe,) that is the perfect way to illustrate integrity and why we strive to be people of integrity, or why we should.

Yes should.  That falls under the you should realm.

Just saying.

Anyways, to answer your question what if no one knows;

You will know and that will cause a break in the completeness and if you have values it will be troublesome for you, even if you aren’t aware of it.

If you have true integrity, you don’t have that inner struggle and you are a more complete whole and therefore  integrious person,

Repeat after me; I am the I in Integrity.  

Living with integrity is the best thing for you.  You are whole, complete  without the inner struggle of who you are vs. who you may pretend to be and that makes you a better person for everyone else too.

Told you the I was for you.

To Your Mental State, Whatever it may be,




30 thoughts on “The I in Integrity is for You Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. It’s a great word – I wish I had made it up – I was kinda disappointed 🙂 but I coulda been not integrious and said I made it up and I bet no one would have questioned it – well except…. lol..but I wouldnt thinki of it because I amd the I in Integrity 🙂

      1. when I wrote the post – I wrote the word and then just for double sure before I claimed it I put it in my little dictionary extension I have and it came up – great… but when I was reading through I realized I spelled it two different ways so I looked it up again …amd it said no definition found for either spelling…since I had changed direction to use it like I did I was just sitting there mouth open wondering if I lost my mind.. which of course I have but that was wow… I found it again though..well obviously

  1. You did a wonderful job with “I”. Personally, I wish I could copy and paste this onto the foreheads of many people I know. Unfortunately I think it would block their vision. Well maybe that would be a good thing. Hmmm, will have to consider this.

    1. Gah! you were in my SPAM box??? why oh WHY?? I voted as best I could with my silly little phone – I couldn;t find yours but got Guap and EH – how did it go – you always have my vote sister – sorry I nissed pushing the button – now stay out of my spam box.. Muah!

      1. um – he isn;t in my spam anymore – how the hell did you get in there – guilt by association? I have misssseed you – im sorry I missed your post – I STIL can;t find it 😦 read the MM today tell me what you think

    1. I did the best I could – no internet and my little phone app thingy I think I got you and Guap – missed Ginger. Who won? I mean it doesn;t matter to me cause in my book you guys of course are the winners… 🙂

    1. good point… huh I use Cracked.. no just kidding. Integrity I have noticed is not a word used by the ones who are not o much is that just me or do get what I mean? Like someone who has not integrity might say they are honest… which is not true..

  2. I favour integrity enormously because when you are with someone of such soundness, you feel like you’re on solid ground, can trust. This is a good write-up, Lizzie.

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