Magpie’s Treasures; Lips

English: Silhouette of lips

This week’s Magpie’s Treasure is interesting.  She has walked around for a week talking about lips.  Singing Love My Lips.  She knows all the words.  Smarty pants.  I don’t know where she gets her silliness from.   🙄   I happen to know that this is a combination of two lip I thought I would share that with you so you can follow.  Its like, well, being inside the mind of a bright and bubbly 8 yo who knows what she wants to say.  Only the part that makes it completely sensible, is not accessible at the moment 🙂  



Magpie’s Treasure; Lips

Lips there so pink or red even black!   I have a friend you will meet him after you read this.  Okay I can tell you he loves lips.  He has a bunch of friends.  He got in a fight with a bull.

No no more information.  No no no :0).Eh eh eh.

Okay back to the subject.  Where were we?

oh ya lip lip lip lip lip.

Try it,  lip lip lip lip lip .

Hey lip.  Hi how are you plbll left my mouth.

Please, left your mouth?

Yup.  Wait, that friend, time to meet him.

His name is …guess!  Have you guessed yet?


Peace Out

Magpie 🙂

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