I Have a Valid Reason, I do!

love and hate, all the same circle

Good Morning Dear Readers.  🙂

I have been feeling a bit frazzled lately and now that I take a look at things I realize I haven;t been giving my full attention to you or my all out best effort although considering what I have been doing I thought I was doing a pretty good job.

I see I am quite lacking and that you have gotten the short end of the stick.  I have a valid reason.  I do.   

It doesn’t excuse me from neglecting comments, or from the daily Mental Moments.  It doesn’t excuse me from not being here when you are kind enough to take your time and read what I offer for your enjoyment.

I have a good reason, a valid one.  Its true really.

But most importantly, I want to apologize.  When I started the Mental Moments again I promised to not neglect them or you and I have missed several days without explanation.  I have also been sorely remiss on keeping up with your blogs, yes I am typically behind but its gotten to the point of bothering me and I hope that not one of you thinks I am not interested.

My deepest and sincerest apologies if you felt I have abandoned you, or the Mental Moments or this blog all together.  From the bottom of my heart.  Which by the way as of the last status check, is bottomless so that is a pretty darn deep apology.

Don;t ya think?

I hope so.  See, I have been working on something that is very near and dear to me.  I amwrirhihabikkmmmhmmphhpt….

Ok sorry.  I mumble sometimes.  No I am not embarrassed not a bit, just well nervous.  I said Iamwritingabook.

I am writing a book.

Not just writing it I have written it.  It is going to be published.   A sure thing, a done deal.

So see for once it has nothing much to do with the ever-changing landscape of bipolar mood swings, the reason I haven’t been around much.

I am writing a book, A Month of Mental Moments.  The manuscript was due yesterday for editing.  Yea, as always I am behind.  I will come back and tell you more about it but I just wanted to let you know what is happening these days.

In the meantime, Magpie has finished her part of her weekly feature so look for that later today as well as more Flash in the Pan, Flash Fiction writing challenge.

And take a look over at Artsy Brain Fartsies where the very first featured Arsty Fartist is posted.

There is a lot going on and I am sorry to have neglected you, but you are first and foremost in my heart, the reason I am here and the reason I even got to the point of writing the book.  and I  will be back with you 100% soon.

Cracked (never broken)


32 thoughts on “I Have a Valid Reason, I do!

      1. thanks, it is quite an accomplishment in mine as well since I tend to lose focus motivation whatever right before I get where I wanna go.. part of the BPD I guess I get all into something then wake up one morning with no interest at all and that is that. This one…. I kept on swimming 🙂

    1. I know right? It was A lot of words i mean I knew I was a bag of wind but …I wish I had titled it Mental Movements – points to ponder on the Pot… a bathroom book – that’s just my sick sense of humor I guess – 🙂 It would be a good bathroom book though I think -that is something I think is a good goal – I mean don;t ya think? Cause people want really engaging stuff in the Bathroom… it’s done and handed in – I am very happy. I never thought I could do it. SO now back to the blogoshere and trying to catch up on all that missed…. I already voted – so I am on it as far as that but I have a lot of reading phew…and thanks 🙂

    1. I am amazed… I am really excited and thank you… its with the help of you and the others that I even knew the mental moments had …worth beyond the funny hahas… I appreciate your support so much

    1. Thanks Red… I had some help 🙂 and wouldn;t have even attempted it if you didn;t tell me I could…. I think my parents will be blown away.. I finished it.. ok I am getting all choked up. lol… I have this big silly grin on my face the kind that you cant help cause you know you done good…
      much love and thanks ❤

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