Check it out! Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Hey there all you wonderful folks!

Mental Moment

Check it out

The Mental Moment today is not here.

Well big deal you say it hasn’t been here for the last two days either.

That’s not what I mean.

Today’s Mental Moment…

Is over where the lovely and esteemed Red,, someone I like and admire and love  and really miss since she has been gone this last week and a half….  lives.

Momma’s Money Matters

where is that you say?  well click the above link and you will be magically transported to a place where everything matters – good advice daily with a bit snark , humor and poetry …  something for everyone.  Promise.  Dont get lost.

Well actually, I encourage it.   After the Mental Moment….  I more meant lost on the way there…,there is so much to see and do and read..  polls and book giveaways  – just go..

So see after you read the Mental Moment you will understand why there hasn;t been one this week – I was letting your Mental State’s rest before the big one…


And, as if that isn;t enough – when you are done maybe you would like to head on over to Arsty Brain Fartsies and check out the new  feature  that showcases te art of fellow bloggers and friends and people who love to create and express themselves but maybe don;t have a place to display their art.  The very first Artsy Fartist is one of my favorite people, she has been with me from the beginning of my blogging adventure, my cyberMom Linda Vernon.…  go look and see.  Her art is as delightful as her writing and as she is…..

To your Mental State, Whatever it May Be.



2 thoughts on “Check it out! Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Ah! Thanks again Lizzie!

    Well that’s weird. I tried to go over to Red’s Blog but I’m getting a weird error message. Then I tried to access it through Google and I’m getting the same message!

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