What is it about Buckets?

The other day when I was perusing the blogs I follow, a little overwhelmed by the catching up I need to do I popped over to Edward Hotspur‘s blog and found a post about making a bucket list.  Edward, may I call him Edward?  is one of the bloggers that I really am in awe of the magnitude of his ability,  (but um..don;t tell him I said that ok?  Ok thanks.)   I know what a bucket list is but I guess I never really sat down and thought of what I would put on it.

A plastic yellow bucket.
It;s a bucket – looks like a maximum capacity …yea

Even still I am not totally sure but I guess a bucket list is not set in stone.  I have done many things been many things and seen many things.  I really challenged myself as to if what I have already lived was enough for me to feel like I really LIVED….

If I found out today I had a month to live is there something I would have to do to feel like my life was complete..  It’s a tough question because  I wasn’t told that yet theoretically,  I could walk outside and get hit by a bus tomorrow. SO I thought about it for a while.  Ever since I read it.

So, he started one for me to which I added one thing and that is how I left it til today.

1.  Make a bucket list
2. Get on Edward Hotspur’s  Blogroll

number 2 is accomplished thank you Edward,  Now for number 1.

oh and….There aren’t any buses in the immediate vicinity so unless it’s a rogue bus..don;t worry too much about me.

A bucket list is a list of  the things I want to do before I die

I ponder the thought and can;t think of much but I can surely give it a try

I would like to go to Ireland  to kiss the Blarney Stone, if it isn’t out of reach

GO hunting for a Wild  Banshee and listen to her screech
Ride a golden dragon, in a sky with seven moons
Be taken up and through the clouds by 99 red balloons
I’d like to have a column of humor and advice
to tell the people who write in how best to laugh at life

Id like a lasso, the moon to rope, made of stars and  pure white light
Go to sleep and visit far away places,  when it is the middle of the night

Go to the ends of the earth to make sure  my kids dreams come true
Never worry to whom I say  I love you
Id like to name a star someday. call it  Frank, Imorous or Gertrude 
Gerty for short, guess that will depend on my mood


I’d like to trust my heart again to be safe in someones hands
and love another who loves me just simply, no demands
To find the one who deserves me, I’m told so many don’t

But I deserve to be loved and cherished, I can;t believe I won’t

When I’m old, move to a nudist camp, and tattoo “your name” on my ass
Go to all the biker bars, take money for bets , it will be a gas.
Nobody can get mad at an old lady with crazy purple hair
I’ll act all innocent and smile so sweet, say it was a dare

Eat a slice of rainbow, maybe someday find the end
share the wealth of the pot of gold with my family, and my friends 
To one day know exactly what to say, when a friend is lost in grief
to bring them back and take their pain, give them sweet relief

To one day write down all I have learned, in a book that  flies off shelves
When Oprah reads it and makes me a star but I don’t lose sight of myself
To finally, of the questions I asked have answers, the hows and where s and whys
I’d like to know who God is, I want to learn to fly

To one day meet the fairy queen, who gave birth to my changeling child 
I bet she lives in a great big castle with sun and moon beam tiles
I’d hope she would ask me to stay for tea, for tea with a queen would be grand
And knock two things off my list, make it three should we be best friends.  
I’d like to feel a soft breeze play across my heated cheek
as I lay out of sight trying to catch my breath, in a game of hide and seek.
Drink milk straight from the plastic jug not worry about anyone being mad
Have just one day where nothing counts and try hard to really be bad

I want to change the world a moment at a time
Show  people how to love each other, how we are really the same.
I want to give my kids a better life, see them all happy and well-loved
and teach my grandkids all the silly things I forgot when I was just a mom

I’d like to take everything I am told and believe it all is true
the way I did when I was 5 all the way to 42.

I hope to attend a great big ball given in some big wig’s honor
for what? No clue,  just sounds fun to do ,before I am a goner
I’ll wear a big poofy dress with stiff  crinoline and appear quite the lady.  
But underneath, well I can;t tell you cause it really is quite naughty
Try a little LSD and see if  it’s a better trip then I get from my disordered  brain
Figure out how to bottle my manic high, give it a catchy name
Give it to people to keep them from ever falling into the darkness I have known
The kind of pain felt upon the thought you are alone

They say the up is just as bad for meI don’t think a drop for you will hurt
Oh before I forget I ‘d like the chance with a king to be an incorrigible flirt
To not have to explain myself, when my thoughts switch over mid sentence
Be thought of as fun interesting and philosophical
Instead of just plain  cray

To write down something magical, about each Christmas of my youth. if I’m able
To ensure that each of  my daughters …and sons! knows how to set a formal table
I want to sail in an ocean where the clouds are few and far between
I must remember from now on to have  all white sheets, cotton, crisp and sun fresh clean.

Try out for the part of Mrs Robinson when they remake The Graduate
Turn down the part when they offer it to me cause I am not old enough yet.
To zip around the tree tops on a zip-line, with my arms and legs a flappin
Decide what to be when I grow up, never mind growing up might not happen

Thank my children for choosing me to be their lucky mother
Ask them what the were thinking when they didn’t choose another
Properly thank my parents for always letting me come home when the world was more than I could stand
And always supporting hopes and dreams no matter how silly or grand

One day see my art displayed on a gallery with perfect lighting 
Each piece that was a labor of love , peoples passions and interest igniting
To have a room just for my art, and a space to write as much as I like
With lots of windows and natural light, a place to nurture my psyche

To one day find a monkey that doesn’t have a tail, I;m sure they exist, an exception to every rule
To run naked with my scissors as far and fast as can be, I’d show everyone that breaking the rules sometimes can be cool.
Meet Bob the Tomato and Larry, the cucumber of God, introduce them to my friends and take them out to dinner
It might be very tempting but I won;t put them in my salad,
They have a lot to share with us,  their points are pretty valid

Plant a humongous flower garden the likes never before seen, sit and enjoy the blooming flowers and plants, beautiful and green.
Mostly what I want to do before I kick said bucket and die,
Is to be able to look back on my entire life and know by and by:

I loved well and was loved in return,
I taught some good things and left some wisdom behind,
that I touched just maybe one person’s heart and caused them to put hate out of their mind.
That my life and work and who I am mattered
and made a difference in how some see
and that when I am gone what I stood for will continue to be
the standard by which people judge
the world remember its not  hate or fear
I tried mt hardest to show love

That my spirit will remain, in the hearts and minds of at least a few

If I can say that at the end of my life, then all has been accomplished
that I ever need to do.  

Sand bucket on the beach of Punta del Este, Ur...
Sand bucket on the beach of Punta del Este, Uruguay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

32 thoughts on “What is it about Buckets?

  1. Wow! Awesome as only you can do. I for one will forever be changed for the better because of reading your blog. You have made me laugh, cry, inspired me and most of all made me think. You are a truly wonderful well spoken lady who is loved by many.
    Love ya Lizzie

  2. Well …your bucket list is a lot more fun and interesting than mine but some of the things are simply wild and beautiful…and last but not least …you will be remembered by many for being a warm and loving person…’I know….serious and mushy but that’s me… lol Diane

    1. serious and mushy ? I’m ok with that … the world has dreamers and doers..it takes all kinds to keep a balance.. I had a really hard time thinking of things in real life that ..I needed to do before I die. I am pretty content..or in denial not quite sure yet.. 🙂

    1. Well… I am thinking I might need somwe muscle back up at the biker bar…and I am pretty sure you willl learn to fly before I do – lets see… hmmmmmhow do you feel about hunting wild banshees and ….I can;t do LSD alone 🙂 (there might be ..you know..midgets)

  3. I don’t have a bucket list, but I can relate to getting a “little overwhelmed by the catching up I need to do”.
    When I came back from holidays I had over 600 unread blog posts in my inbox!
    Solution? Delete everything in the “unread blogs inbox” and change the email settings so that I now receive a weekly summary of all the blogs I follow.

  4. I wandered over from the comment thread of My Inner Chick and I can’t be more thrilled that I did. This was a beautifully written, often whimsical, sometimes serious bucket list that lead me through with fantastical imagery. Happy Friday afternoon. Thanks for the lovely start.


  5. This is great, Lizzie :). I know that post of Edward’s you’re talking about – it’s a good’un. And I loved your ‘Get on Edward’s blog roll’ – v. funny. He’s a character.

    I really liked ‘thank my children that you are their lucky mother’. Lovely.

    1. well…its been bugging me lol..everyone else I know is on it and I didn;t want to just ask like a petulant child although I did indeed feel like one… 🙂 and I do feel very lucky that my children chose me – I never wanted to have kids so I guess hey showed me a thing or two..or..6 ..and they have all given me something different.

  6. This is awesome! Your list is quite possibly one of the best I’ve seen. I want to believe the things since I was 5 too! and I would love a huge garden 🙂

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