Magpie’s Treasure; The Creek

Time once again to see what Miss Magpie has to offer.  Following is a little story, by my understanding, took place when they were with their father this summer.  There are lots of creeks up that way and Magpie informs me that the proper pronunciation is crick.

Magpie (TV series)

I have to laugh a little because she didn’t know what to write about so I gave her some ideas, favorite food, something in school – ah now that one was almost a winner.  She was, and may be for next week, going to write about her math class and impart some facts about fractions.  She told me a bit and I hope she runs with it, fractions from an 8 yo perspective are quite a treat. .  The problem ended up being, she did not know how to write fractions on the computer so didn’t think it would be so good without her examples.

So when I came to a favorite place she told me about the creek and decided that would work.  We talked about descriptive language and stuff like that and she told me about the creek and all it had to offer and why she liked it so much.

Her final story typed here by her, and the first time I read it as well, surprised me only in that it is, compared to the story she told me, hurried.  But she is 8 and always busy and maybe I built it up in my head a little more than I should have but since you haven;t heard what I have,  you should find it delightful as she usually is.  I still think it is and am thrilled she is doing this little piece every week 🙂

I am thinking she might be good at Flash Fiction… hmmm


The Creek

Once there were children at a creek with shoes and cray fish and snakes!!!  The three children saw ducks, then the wandered around.

baby ducks, three ducks
three little ducks, like three little kids

One went back to their dad,  the other two stayed there.  They came back finally. Two played Hide-and-Go-Seek.  They chased each other for a long time.  They finally stopped and went into the creek.  One lost a shoe.

Oh no:)!  The two came back again because the shoe must be found.  They found it and ran back to their dad and  all went to eat ice cream.  They got chocolate ice cream, went home and got dinner.   They had pizza from Ozos  pizza in PA.

It was awesome.  They ate and ate heehee.  They took showers and went to bed and said

toodaloo good night).

The End.

Peace out,

Magpie. 🙂 :0.

She's a Tomboy


5 thoughts on “Magpie’s Treasure; The Creek

  1. Hello from Alabama Ms. Magpie. That was a fun read. I really like your duckys! You made me hungry for pizza at 5am,no less 🙂 Yes we say “crick”, creek is the noise that older peoples bones make.Or old stairs. Keep up the good work Bright-One!! Peace out back at ‘ya….

    1. She DID giggle when she finay read it to me and thats so cool you oicked that up I am liking the look of it too…that is one of my favorite pics of her and as she pointed out its perfect cause.there are shiny thungs on her shirt. 🙂

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