The Tao and Te of…. Me

Today is my birthday.  I usually don;t announce it but I have been fighting the urge to just let loose and I dunno, get a tattoo or dye my hair purple, or post a picture that I normally wouldn’t.

Spontaneously combust.

I think it is becasue I have no idea what I did last year.  Some years are just like that.  Instead of all that, well at the moment anyhow, I thought I would  amaze and amuse you by thinking of all the things I have learned along the way.  Not all.  Some.

Disney's adaptation of Stephen Slesinger, Inc....

The Tao means The Way and The Te is the power….The chi will be another day,

If Pooh Bear has a Tao then so too can I.  Ok so maybe I did it today so I could do what I want.  GO ahead stop me.   OK then

TO kids everything is a pinkie swear –

What pushes us from childlike innocence to adult cynicism?  Doubt – in other words when we no longer have blind faith then Peter Pan is gone…  (that stinks but more later..don;t get upset..take it as a rough draft?  see? you still believe)

Lighting, it’s all about lighting

There is no shame in child pose

Good Theory can be screwed up entirely when you add the human element

Nobody can make you do anything

There is always a choice

Heffalumps and Woozles… think about it

People will perceive you based on beliefs about what you do or how you act.  Its up to you to decide to be true to you or care about them but sometimes perception is important to consider.

If you look at someones life and say I would never but you don;t understand how and  why or you are unfairly labeling somoeone based on perception then I would never has a way of sneaking up and biting you in the ass.

Sometimes we take it for granted that because we arent like that – is the reason we will never be like that.  It is amazingly easy to find yourself in the middle of just like that realizing it isn;t what you thought.  You still wish you werent there but what can ya do?  Learn.

People who brag too much about something they see in their life that is status, then they are most likely trying to compensate for something that falls short – and it often tends to be in themselves.

The Money shot is degrading but it was created s proof of the male’s virility…kinda makes you wonder who is really degraded more.  Especially when you find out that the man’s pay is dependent on it…  which is why it is called the money shot in the first place.

You can;t move mountains until you know what they are made of.

Shame is overused for purposes of manipulation of the masses. Like Catholics.  (an example is all)

There is a big difference between talking and walking.  People are more apt to take the moral high ground when there is nothing  in sight to test their character.

bigotry is taught.

If you can;t qualify your beliefs values morals ethics standards rules….whatever if you don;t know WHY that’s how you do it or feel it then maybe you should step back and wonder whose set of values you are trying to live by

We are so over connected to outside influences through tv internet social media, nose, phones, – technology that I am starting tho think there is not too much self contemplation and inner examination going on and that will be the downfall of us.  Technology allows us to deny anything we want by avoidance and if we never look at it consider it examining it – a feeling or thought – how can we take responsibility for it and make it better?

If you are thinking it, so is someone else. If you have a stupid question – so does someone else and yes, there is such a thing as a stupid question.

Everyone has a purpose and no one is worthless.   ok ..  not even stb ..   I am feeling generous  🙄

The fine line between love and hate is defined by your thoughts.

indifference is the opposite of love and it is also the opposite of hate.

People do what works and there is always a payoff.  Sometimes they know why and are aware and sometimes it’s not  so obvious.

It is not selfish to put yourself first sometimes.  You can’t keep giving if you don;t sometimes take.

Stupid idioms all have deeper meaning and sometimes we wont understand them until they apply directly to our lives.

The grass is hardly ever greener.

If someone is always pointing out your faults and flaws, they probably don;t like themselves very much.

You don;t necessarily have to love your self to be able to care about or love someone else, but if you don;t love yourself then it’s very hard to believe someone else does and if you don’t believe they love you then it can make it very difficult for them.

Losing yourself for someone else is not love it is ..just not.

Rigidity in thought is often accompanied by volume to cover the fact that the asshat has nothing of substance to support their rhetoric…I believe the louder they protest, the more ignorant they are.

Lack of a piece of formal declaration on paper of education does not mean lack of education

Those who set the standards of what is acceptable in society don’t have anymore answers than anyone else

Cheaters cheat themselves.

Sometimes the effort to get out of doing something is far greater than the effort it takes to just fo it

If you are going to break the rules be sure you understand and can live with the consequences or don’t get caught.

If their were one right way to parent then their wouldn’t be 150 different parenting books.

YOu can learn a lot more about a person by reading their online dating profile then is immediately apparent.

Discipline and punishment are not the same

Everything can be approached from two angles and emotions..fear and love.  Its always best to come from love but the default is fear.

It is possible to be able to assimilate and be part of 10 (or more) different groups, showing a different aspect of yourself to each one and be completely genuine.  WHat we reveal of ourselves to anyone is only the tiniest portion of who we are.Our souls are limitless and for the things that are programmed or constant there is change going on too.

We are never alone.If we feel like no one in the world is with us  then we have probably been showing a false front to the world.  Again not necessarily consciously.  Someone cares for each of us.

The only reason that we get through things sometimes is because we aren’t aware how bad they will be.

It is possible to have more than we can possibly bear…

Life isn;t fair and the sooner we realize it the sooner we wont notice how unfair it really can be.

Political Correctness is idiocy hard at work.

If the human race didn’t have such great ability to screw things up, what would everyone bitch about.

There is always something good.

Life is the great adventure, don;t fight i, just og with it and enjoy the ride.

It is better to have nothing with the right person than everything with the wrong one…you can always make something out of nothing.

You can be poor and still be wealthy.

There are soul mates.  You might have more than one but they are.  ANd love that is true –  I have proof.

It is ok to keep searching for happiness and peace as long as you are always searching within.

Purple works for everything.

Run Naked.


could just go on and on…but that is exactly the problem that just hit me.  I am not going to be able to wing 40+ years of stuff and now..  so I am going to think about it some more ..maybe while I get a tattoo…

I love you guys…

59 thoughts on “The Tao and Te of…. Me

  1. Wait- What- Huh? It’s your birthday?
    I had no idea!
    Happy birthday LizzieC!!!!

    You’ve learned an awful lot in your years. Time well spent, I think.

    Is it going to be a Winnie The Pooh tattoo?

      1. me too.. I just cant do it in real life anynore but I so love my donuts… there is a shop here that makes them – a mom and pop shop and I’d make allowances they are goood…If you wanna check out the hunt – EL Guapo has it or Mommas Money Matters is #1 Oh My Gawd #2 and Guap #3 -over on the blogroll or ha wait you are probably in the dash huh? either way..they have a link to the end but I am gonna play all the way.. 🙂

    1. Thank you Sandy – it is already one of the best in a ong time thanks to some really wonderful people and I think if I have friends donuts and writing and art…I wont go can;t forget the kids..pretty mch an extension but if I dont mention em and one sees…it wont end as well as it started 🙂 donut? .

    1. thank you Teri… i will go over and take a looksee… I have sonething for you too.. I got busy last week and need to put some finishing touches on it its good to see you 🙂 be over soon ..

    1. heh heh – I didn;t know if you caught that title the other day or not, I could have done it all day so I guess I will star writing them down or !! the voice recorder…I don;t know if anyone else laughs as much as i do at how full of myself IO get sometimes…but ya know if Pooh can do it … think it would fly? this has been the BEST BIRTHDAY SINCE…..ever?..:-)

  2. My dear Lizzie… Happy happy birthday to you…. from what I see above, it is already a good one, and I hope it continues in that vein…. I hope you put the above “Life according to Lizzie” in a format you can print, and pull out to look at occasionally…. a lot of good stuff to help one get through…. and it’s nice to be able to hold it in your hand to read…. You take care…

    Oh, yeah, purple is your color anyway; it has always been the prerogative of royalty to wear purple, in Rome, and many of the monarchies in Europe and China…. 😉 Blessed Be, little sister….

    1. thank you so very much.. I was thinking about printing it out when I got to the point I wanted to stop…because I realized I have learned a hell of a lot in 40 plus years and if I didnt stop somewhere I would not for a dayo r two 🙂 and I knew there was something that called me when I see purple – deep gem tones are my favorite… thi s has been one of the best birthdays I have had…. Bright Blessings to you it is so very good to see you here 🙂

  3. Love you too Lizzie! Happy Birthday!!!!! It sounds like it was a good one. I love the list, have you ever read Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned In Kindergarten? Your list reminded my of it, it:s one of my favorite books. Now I can add Lizzie’s Life Lessons List to my favorite readinglist.


    1. thank you! you think so? I m thinking so too… its definitely my choice when my hair turns white.
      Purple hair and a tattoo on my ass..of a crack.. but i am not really fissure about that yet..
      Good to see you 🙂

      1. Ass tattoos are the best. At least you don’t have to look at it if it turns out bad.

        Good to know you get older exactly one day before me. Rock on fellow Leo.

      2. Today is your Birthday!!!????? FOR REAL?? well damn man Happy Birthday.. did you keep it a secret or am I the one missing out ..? geez yeah I figured we were close o=in age but we ARE the same age ..thats funny lol my dad was telling me yesterday that the 20th was a girl day that year… where i was born.. Have a great day!! .:-D

      3. Yep, today’s the day. You might be the only one who knows. We can suffer in birthday solidarity. Ugh. I hate getting old.

      4. um i am not the only one ..anynore 🙂 and we arent even close to old dude…we are from the trailblazer generation that is setting the standards of old -resetting.. yea it is a little rough though… they try to sa y we are …like 23 now.. i dont remember feeling like this at 23 but ill go with it..NOT OLD.. like fine wine…better with age..

      5. You might be like a fine wine, but I’m aging more like a can of cheap beer left in the sun all day. 🙂 Sounds about right.

      6. men age better.. i do wish i could move without creaking and bones grinding and ,,sigh yea getting old sucks..we could pretend its awesome and trick younger ones and laugh when they get to this age and are like wtf… is that mischevious or mean?

      7. Hey thanks Guap. More like an obnoxiously hopped, barely drinkable IPA, chilling in a cool stream full of mosquitoes. Ah, here’s to the good life.

      8. A fruity bubbly rose zinfandel, not too aged, with a delightfully bubbly body, good nose,and swirly peachy tones with a spiced oak finish.

    1. well see now that depends on how old I am? A Lady never tells. As a rule anyways – however, I am not really one to follow the rules much…especially if it involves a spanking (add glitter and I may even add a few years)

      so…yea ok

    1. Why thank you 🙂 I am so delighted to see you here and ./nothing at all to disagree? wow – How is everything -? I need tocome obre and visit -I dunno whats what but I do know that my botifications were off almost all summer so if I have missed a lot – ill catch up.. thank you so much 🙂

  4. Happy belated Birthday Lizzie! I love this post… 🙂 Sorry I’m late, my inbox has been a bit full and I’m catching up.


    I loved the ‘can’t move mountains until you know what they’re made of’. YES!

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