Magpie’s Treasure

As you may or may not know One of my offspring the 8 yo, is the eqivelent of a Magpie in that she likes sparkly things and will take any treasue she sees that delights her and tuck it away wherever she hides her treasures.

When she was little this was on the level, day-to-day, of dysfunctional.  mostly because at 2 and 3 years old, she just would take anything pretty, shiny or sparkly, without understanding the value, monetary or otherwise and she was constantly on the lookout for anything that caught her eye.

I learned early on that if a piece of jewelry was missing, instead of losing my cool and tearing the whole house apart, if I sat her down and explained what I was looking for, she usually had it.

Yes this has created a few uncomfortable moments with guests, but her impish charm and childish innocence helped in convincing anyone who lost something to the magpie that there  was no harm intended.  She was not a theif in the true sense of the word.  Or maybe it was the true sense of the word, she took what wasn;t hers, but there was never any intent to harm anyone else.

Does that excuse it?  No, being 2 – 3 did pretty much and she is a bright one this kid so she caught on quickly when I explained to her that you couldn’t just take anything that she wanted, especially if was in someone;s else’s room.

So problem solved for that, now she just likes shiny things and if she wants something in that it’s so shiny gotta have it kind of way, she asks.  And as much as she loves her sparkles  and gems, she is a tomboy so it doesn’t extend to her personal appearance, except when she gets into my pink shimmer brush on eyeshadow…  we are working on that now though.

Here she is in a tree.. (oh how fitting)

She's a Tomboy

So now what I really need to do is get to the focus of the topic at hand so that I don;t lose your rapt attention before we get to the good stuff.

Magpie would like to be a writer when she grows up.  🙂   (among other things but hey at 8 the options are unlimited)

She does keep a journal and she is smart as all get out.  For real.  I am NOT just saying that.  She is bright and shiny smart.

She texted me from her dad’s this summer and said “hey mom, guess what I am doing?”

Me:  What?

Her:  Reading your blog

SHe found it through Google and she likes the Mental Moments Mostly but yes it did prompt a little talk when sh e arrived home.  Nevermind.

The point is she asked if I would put something she wrote on my blog.

Ok she more like asked for her own blog.  That took me about 3.5 seconds to come up with so many ways it wasn’t a good idea.  Mostly because she is so smart.

So as a compromise, she is writing a weekly feature.  This is the first one and it is her take on Colors.  She typed it in and picked the picture.

It is my version of take your daughter to work day.  Every week.  I mean she wants to be a writer.

The title, my little play on words because she is my treasure and some of the things she thinks of are the eal gems.  She is shaping up to be an excellent pun artist and word player.  She stumped me.  Just once but she is 8.


So enjoy and when you comment, keep in mind she is 8..please.  She is a tough cookie and really wants to know what you think.  But I [pity the fool who hurts her feelings if you get my drift? Magpies are quite cantankerous and she has that quality too, nevermind the Mama’s ire.   (that would be mine)

I know you all are wonderful people.   That was just kinda a joke..  because I was feeling very protective for a second.  Ok always but ..

Remember Mr.T from the A-Team. Not the movie either the tv show.   What?  I know I don;t look and sound like him… he just..popped in my head.  No I don;t…..that;s not what we are here for.  This is:

Magpie’s Treasures – Colors

English: Red, green, blue; cyan, magenta, yell...



There are so many of them.

What, you want me to name them?  Okay here I go
red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple,brown,black,white,lime green,violet,pink.

I can sit here all day, even till tomorrow. So I’m not going to do that I need my beauty sleep.

Anyway, here’s my favorite one, purple and I forgot gold and silver. Okay I forgot hot pink so what.I won’t forget green-blue so no yelly yelly.I need a picture of colors:).

Sky blue oh go outside!  You’ll see all the colors if you have good seeing.There’s red orange ohhh go OUTSIDE!!! Purple violet, dark  blue, light  blue and regular blue.

Okay so these colors used to be black and white boo hoo 😦

There’s color in some books, cups, even markers.  Even computers have color. Even oranges are orange.

Bananas are yellow.

The end


19 thoughts on “Magpie’s Treasure

  1. She is lovely and will be beautiful when shes older, tell her well done.

    The youngest bloggers i know are two girls one 14 the other 15 they are great girls and good at posting.

    1. Thanks Harry and I will tell her. Sometimes I forget she is only 8.. she is number 5 of 6 and the first child to get excited about a box of books I have been dragging around from my childhood. I am a very proud mama.

    1. I kind of thought that too. She read it to me first and she is me – excitable so it was a bit hard to follow her train of thought … but she brought it together nicely and I didn’t do anything but fix some spelling (very little) and spacing issues. I love the – anyways my favorite is purple but don;t forget….
      thanks and I will make sure that she sees your comment…she will be so pleased. 🙂

    1. she gives me a reason to everyday – of course I also want to tear my hair out sometimes but – girls you know how that can be.. 🙂 when she first read it to me she was going a hundred mph and I thought how cool that she is writing as she thinks… no filters least not on most subjects.

  2. Fantastic! Go outside, and from dawn til dusk, a fantastic range of colors!
    And we saw the pic – you’ve had plenty of beauty sleep.
    Way to go, Magpie It’s a pleasure to meet you, and I can’t wait to see what you write next!

  3. No harsh critique…The imagery is good. Yes, by all means go outside. Keep it up! You will be posting with the best of us 😉
    The Red Momma Bear.

    PS Lizzie, she is a keeper ❤

  4. Okay, where do I start? First off, I love the color scheme in the opening design, especially the way that the inner circle transitions to the outer circle…Secondly, you do not need beauty sleep as you have already attained that goal. Thirdly, your writing is very accomplished, especially for an eight year old magpie..And finally,, what about vermillion? After all, it is the color of royalty and a true and fitting color for you! Job well done..

  5. Great first post Ms. Magpie!! I really like colors also Purple is tops. I just painted inside my house. My kitchen is Sunshine Yellow the rest is Sky Blue. Yes I am going outside. Tell your mom she is really cool and must be smart,because you are!! Have a most excellent day. Hello from Alabama. Looking forward to reading more of you. 🙂

  6. I liked this post. Thank you for sharing your posts, Magpie.

    A riddle for your Magpie: I have a great big orange tree that is at least 20 feet tall and 25 feet wide (but this isn’t a math problem), and for much of the time its oranges aren’t orange. What color are they when they aren’t orange?

    I look forward to reading many more of your posts, Magpie. I’ll bet I learn a lot from you!

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