Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Something is Wrong in this picture
it looks rather funny
one side is dirty
the other all Sunny

See it coming  miles away
It looks rather scary
Gets people on edge
Cautious and Wary

The air becomes still
it looks rather dark
The stillness is broken only
by the dogs alarmed bark

ANd then it hits hard
It looks rather  loud
The sand and dirt flying
a swirling brown cloud

It seems all wrong
but rather for the desert it’s right
and later when sun sets
The sky shows deep colored light

The sun goes down
on the wrong day made right
and the moon comes up
in  a clear starry night

sand storm


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

  1. they say a picture paints a thousand words and that picture surely has a way of making you think and I remember living in california when the dust clouds would come in like that to block out the sun and lay enough sand down from the desert that you literally had to dig your car out the next day. Great post (~_*)

    1. thanks. We have had a good many of them this year. Doozies I mean. The kind where the kids are in the pol and all of sudden you look up.. its rather unnerving to say the least as I’m sure you know. I always think of that scene in The Mummy Returns I think it is? One time my 5 yo and I were on the second floor and it was horribly loud… the trees shaking and the stuff hitting the building.. not a fun place to get stuck .. well nowhere is but I also left my car windows open during that one… 😕

    1. Thank you.. I was just thinking about you ! WP reset all my subscriptions to not receive any notifications… it took me while to get it all sorted out on top of the email.. but I haven;t forgot you and as soon as I get it all straight we’ll get the other thing going if you still want to 🙂

      1. Thanks Mommm! Gosh I need to get out more I have been missing so much and so many people.. ..
        I was going to post the starry sky one too but ..well I don;t really have one ..I do but its all dark with just little pins of light 🙂

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