Flash in a Pan – Light

nighttime mental moment, moon, night time









The scurrying sounds grew more insistent  as the night wore on.  

He lay there trying to ignore them, trying to fall asleep.  Going over the day’s events and how he ended up in this dump would not help him in the morning.

He still had a long way to drive.

He felt something tickling the arm he had hanging off the side of the bed and quickly jerked it back under the covers, cursing the dispatcher for not sending his advance.

Hungry, alone and exhausted in the middle of nowhere, he closed he eyes, waiting for morning light.


Red is doing a weekly Flash Fiction challenge, Flash in the Pan  over at her place Momma’s Money Matters.  The Prompt is  light and the word limit was 100.  (I came in a 98)

Be sure to check out the Flash in a Pan page at M3 for more prompts and to read others and to be included in the quarterly publishing…  🙂


11 thoughts on “Flash in a Pan – Light

    1. me too – thats probably why thats the first thing I see (yes before the Mhmmhmmmsss) maybe I should draw pictures…wait wth am I saying… nevermind I hate them too but learned to …live and let live in Panama – I had a tarantula in my laundry bag once in the field… not a bug but its close enough… ewwww..

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