Winds from the South Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

You think I forgot the Mental Moment?\


Not a chance, I have been immersed in Mental Moments all day.

I just um..  thought, well I got confused and thought that it was here.

So it’s a quicky, like a puff of air.  🙂

Today’s Mental Moment

Was actually yesterdays but its ok.  We all goof and it’s how you recover that matters.

Nobody likes to mess up.  Especially publicly.  Can you imagine what it would be like to mess up on tv?

I would think that if you are any type of anxious person who relives mistakes and doesn;t give yourself a break ..  a perfectionist maybe, that tv would be the last place you  would want to have a job.

The thing is though that TV or just around people there is really nothing so horrible about a little gaffe or perhaps an odd noise or two escaping from your person.oops, der, doh!

Lots of things that are really horribly embarrassing, I think shouldn’t be because we all do them.  I laugh too I’m not saying I don’t and yes I would be feeling silly and blushing and apologetic but the important thing is

Consider This:

It’s not worth getting all bent up over, or hiding.   I mean let’s sit here for a minute and think about what the true ramifications of things like:

Spinach in your teeth
TP on your shoe
Ladies – your skirt tucked into your pantyhose
Gents – your fly is open
Passing a little gas
A sudden burp

You picking up what I am laying down for you?

Nobody likes to get laughed at and especially not for something on the above list ( +many others)  but really all those little spontaneous …  mishaps do is remind us that we are human and keep it interesting.

Laugh the hardest when it’s you who opens your mouth to speak and oops…or its you who bends over and …  oh dear!  I do..laugh with myself harder than anyone else will.

Like my great-grandmother always said (one on my mom’s side)

Better to fart and bear the shame than not to fart and bear the pain

Wise words and I say forget the shame

It’s all human and I don’t think there should be any shame in being human.

Just saying.

Check out how this weatherman weathers the winds from the south….

Enjoy!  (and laugh! )

To Your Mental State, Whatever it may Be


2 thoughts on “Winds from the South Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. SOL… my mom has given up on being embarrassed and my sil and I quickly learned that if you are in a store with her and she suddenly for no reason while looking at the shelves… walks away, you better go with her… if you stay there is usually someone coming the other way… also walk ahead of her.. we think she has made an art of passing it to someone else 🙂

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