PUt it in a Bubble & Let it Go, A Mental Moment

Yes dear readers it is that day we like almost more than any other in the week..work week sorry.

The day preceding THE DAY, and following Hump Day.

Thursday, Beach Day

Thursdays are usually pretty good days.  Mostly because we are thinking about getting through them so that we can get through Friday and on to the weekend which for those that have a regular 5 day work week M – F mans some rest and relaxation.  Unless you have kids.  Then it usually means a bunch of activities and sports events.  But that is still better than work.

And I don’t do Mental Moments on the weekend.  That is not to say I look forward to that.  Usual,y it doesn’t really occur to me and I have actually thought once or twice, heck maybe even three times about adding weekend Mental Moments.

Not this week though.  This week has been tough.

I have a Mental Moment that is particularly important, to me , that I convey it  correctly and include all the valid points because it’s about something that I feel very strongly about as a way to open up communication and allow people to be able to be more understanding towards others.

That is all I will say about it or I would be writing it here and then.. I would really be confused.  Its been a tough week of that kind of thing for me. Confusion and not being able to  make everything fall into place so that the planets are aligned and life is comfortable. Disappointment and …

It’s just a little off and sometimes when that happens, and depending on whether I have to fall back on pharmaceutical substances which make me a bit daft and goofy …and redundant apparently, I can not get the words to fall into place in the way I feel they need t be.  Sometimes I can;t find the words.  I may be in the middle of a thought, on the phone, in person, email or just writing and know exactly what word I want but, I can;t find it.  Or even spell it though I can see it, what it looks like.  It’s akin to having it on the tip of your tongue.

I know that seems weird, but if you have ever lost a word or two I bet you know what I mean.  So after struggling all afternoon yesterday, and a good portion of today to get it right. After my frustration level got to the point that I was like to snap someone’s head off for breathing the wrong way , I just had to put it away for a while and here we are somewhere totally different.

Today’s Mental Moment

is about the frustrations in life.

Not things we can change, but the things that we may not have any bit of control over, at least for the time being.

Have you ever been in a situation where you could not complete a task to yours or someone you are doing it for’s specifications, or time limits and no matter which way you approach it, you can not find a way to get it done or to make your point or to …  get a grip and have a handle on anything?

Consider This:

There are different levels of control that people assert over their lives and actions and even over the lives of others.  Whether they should or not.

People who are overly controlling probably deal with a bunch of frustration on a daily basis because they rely on others bending to their will to feel the security of being in control of things and on top of it all.  I would imagine that trying to control others and they won;t listen, or they get a great idea and decide to try t their own way, would have the overly controlling person wound tighter than a ..something wound tight, really tight.

This causes tension which then snowballs into agitation and anger and yea it can get out of hand pretty quick.  All over someone not listening and insisting that maybe they are able to do it themselves without the control and direction, or orders of another.

A good example, but not an exemplary character is an abuser.  As in spousal abuse, child abuse, elderly abuse, any kind of weeny head that thinks they will appear greater than…  by controlling and oppressing another’s will.

If you ever had the ..privilege of being the oppressed, and you decided that you had enough and started rebelling and not letting the abuser have control, thereby taking away their power and feelings that the world was in order, once you realize what is going on it can be quite a show to watch the unraveling.

Sometimes, tempting to make it happen faster,  just saying.

I see the attraction but from experience I can tell you, as satisfying as it may be for the moment, it isn;t worth a black eye or a split lip.

bow bubbles, let it go
kids do it instinctively

And I  was just using this as an example of extremes so that you could easily ascertain the frustration I speak of that we are trying to deal with.  I got a little carried away at the thought but I still stand by it not being worth it if it means physical harm.

That is much greater than the frustration I am dealing with although in the middle, it may seem just as tough to cope.  I am not a control freak.  I do like things a certain way but I am easy to adapt and do not feel out of control unless something is sprung on me at the last minute and I feel trapped or like I was tricked.  That is another good example of frustration that we just at that moment can not do anything about.

One thing that does frustrate me is not being able to organize my thoughts, my brain, my emotions and my life as I feel I should be able to do.  Or even to the level I am normally used to performing at.  Like finding words.  I never lose words.  Or I never used to. lately this particular frustration has brought me near to tears.  And it is a little bit frightening in that , you wonder if it is a sign. I wonder.

SO are you all with me on the feeling?  helpless, frustrated, tightly wound and possibly agitated to the point that it spills over to every other area of our lives and even then requires pharmaceutical intervention if you are the possessor of such help and I am here to tell you that has a set of frustrations all its own so …  Anxiety, confusion/

Once you get to the wall where there is nothing you can do, once you start feeling the anxiety, and want to bang your head on a wall, and you are tightly wound so much that you snap at everyone and your normal easy going nature is nowhere to be found, probably out having a beer with your words..  so add that , not being invited, it can really start affecting every area of your life.

What do we do to get past it.  My favorite advice?  Unsolicited and slightly cracked of course.

Put it in a bubble, and let it go.   Yes, I mean make it a physical action where you form a bubble, imagine your things you can do nothing about, frustrations and anxieties into that bubble and

letting go
that;s right – let it go…. up up and away!

Let. It. Go.

Yoga…   and laughter helps a lot too..

Close your eyes, relax, take a nice deep breath and just let go.

I think that I heard that on DHarma and Greg.. remember that show?   ONe of my very favorites.  I found an episode called Yoga and Boo Boo..  its a long one but well worth it, and part one is there too afterwards if you are interested.    I feel better.  But if you are in a hurry and only want the normal 3 ish minute  video, start around 7 mins. til the end.  Dharma sends a mob snitch to her in laws on accident, Greg is trying to loosen up and live in the moment and has pulled his groin so is home from work……


TO Your Mental State, Whatever it may Be.



16 thoughts on “PUt it in a Bubble & Let it Go, A Mental Moment

  1. I get beside myself, in tears, wanna throw things and have a temper tantrum when I can’t makwe an inanimate object do what I want it to do. For example my new Android and trying to get it to do what I want and you have to download the user guide off the internet but you csn’t get the damn thing to go on the internet and when you finally do get on the net it freezes and won’t go any where but you can’t figure out what you did wrong necause you don’t hbe a user guide. I ended up driving to the store where I got it and handing it to the salesman and with tears in my eyes tattling on my phone.”I hate my phone it won’t do what I want”. Then the phone, (out of spite no doubt) does everything the guy wants it to do and I feel like an idiot.
    Usually when I get to the point of being that frustrated if I leave it and come back in a few hours it will work. I also get frustrated to the point of swearing and hating the world when I lose something like my car keys and then I end up finding them in the door lock,ignition or of all places my purse! OR when I get lost…..it happens alot. I am adaptable with other people but “things” drive me literally insane.

    1. Hi Carrie! those things can be so frustrating and then we get so upset that we can;t see the answer or possibly, what I do is handle my phone too roughly – and it doesnt respond…walking away is the pretty much the same idea as the bubble… its just letting it go for awhile. I dont get that frustrated ith people either becasue I do not have any great need to be on control of anyone. I get upset when they are supposed to be doing something that I am included on and they donlt do it or change the rules, but even then I vent to a friend or if I dod need to say something, I will… I think if we can just accept we can;t change or control the things we can;t, we will be better able to deal with them…. SO good to see you! (((hugs)))

  2. I go with deep breaths when frustrated. And a cigarette.
    Glad the yoga and bubble visualization works for you. Everyone should have a way to release that kind of frustration.

  3. 1. I feel like this almost every day.
    2. I loved Dharma & Greg- it was one of my favorite shows!
    3. I think if you and I did a VLOG together, we would feel so much better…

  4. Love this. I am with you and Guapo with the square. And usually video games. I do not let it go, but I leave it alone long enough for my brain to short circuit the problem and come up with a solution.
    Great Moment.
    Much Love,

    1. hmmmm I am thinking now it should be put it in a bubble and stuff it..somewhere.. the bubble is the barrier from us to it and… well I don’t know but really it is a lot about just tucking it away in a safe place til you can look at it from a different perspective.. very few things that I actually just let go.. and never revisit.

  5. For a different reason than yours (M.S.) I can identify with the frustration of word finding, and in my case memory problems. Perhaps your is due to some temporary stress going on…and will correct itself….Diane

    1. It does not appear it will be temporary and it is a common complaint .. whether from meds or what but mine has become worse.. yes it s even worse when i am stressed.. but almost daily now I struggle at least once or twice.. sometimes for words I commonly use. I was reading ..somewhere that they are seeing a connection in brain scans between MS and bipolar disorder.. same ..hahaha see there it is I lost it.. sorry.. same type of something…

      1. Well the brain is a mysterious organ…and I’m sure there are similarities between many diseases and disorders…..just in case though…what should I expect lol…Diane

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