Strength in Weakness, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment




For some reason I keep getting the day wrong.  Not the date


I actually (gasp) know what today’s date is.


I just thought that it would be tomorrow.


Heidelberg Belt
He looks pretty strong huh? 


I am not very good with days and dates as some of you may know.   Or time but we aren;t talking about time.


That doesn;t make me weak-minded to be confused a lot.  I have a very strong mind as a matter of fact.  It can bench press at least triple its weight.. or something.


Today’s Mental Moment



is about what we consider to be strong.


and how sometimes what we consider weakness, may be the reason we have strength.


Whoa, deep I know, but you are smart so lets dive in.


When we think of strong people, what are we speaking of?


Depends on strong body or strong mind, and sometimes it isn;t as easy to define as one might think.


Strong body is easier to illustrate and understand as a concept than defining a strong mind.


Something of note would be that those who have strong bodies, let’s say for example an Olympic athlete, typically are also strong-minded as it takes an incredible concentrated effort and discipline to push oneself to be the best of the best in a physical endeavor.


Think about who you have thought about being a strong individual in the sense of their mind… their character  Just who they are.  You immediately think of their  name when I ask you who do you know who is strong ?


Strong minded individuals are not necessarily strong of body.  In fact, as in the case of a handicap individual overcoming their physical limitations and drawing from an inner strength, their body may not be strong, in the way we define it, at all.


Strong does not have to mean rigid,  look at the oak and the willow, in the event of high winds it is the willow that bends with the wind who is stronger because the oak that will not, will break.


Consider This :


When someone is faced with a great deal of adversity,  manages to hold it together, hold themselves together, we consider them to be strong.  No?


We also consider people who are able to control their emotions and not lose said control in front of people or at inopportune times, strong.  Strong willed, strong minded.


Someone who stands up for their beliefs and maintains their standard of morals and values even if they are not the majority or under pressure to give in to lesser morals, is considered to have strong character.


Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character


People who overcome overwhelming odds, be it physical or mental, from injury or illness and fight with all they have to live and live well, not accepting the likelihood of the limitations they are dealt will stop them, have tremendous courage and are considered strong.


How about the person who having been hurt or abused or setback many times over, still allows themselves to be vulnerable to another human being?


How can a person who is vulnerable be strong?  Especially when we view vulnerability as weakness?  To be vulnerable is to be susceptible to attack either physical or emotional.  That sure appears to be a weakness.


Physically, consider the athlete who has made it to the top-level once in a lifetime competition level, like the Olympics and at the event that they have trained for their entire life, they get injured and go from a possible top finish to not finishing at all, yet they find somewhere deep in them the strength to hop, walk .crawl, whatever it takes to finish the event,.


Mentally, and emotionally consider the one who loved and trusted with all that they had, and in return got abused or lied to or taken advantage of? Someone who by being different from the” norm”  perhaps by looks or maybe mental illness, or trusting nature, instead of shying away and hiding, will open themselves up by helping someone who says they need it, by standing up for someone they believe in or who needs someone to stand up for them,  by giving love a chance, and in doing so give someone the one thing by which they can be destroyed, their weakness.


The person who knows their weakness and allows their vulnerabilities to show,  at first glance may appear weak.


But are they really?  Or are they the willow?


Both physically and mentally, we can be our strongest, in mind and character when our greatest weakness is revealed and we are vulnerable.


An injured athlete who pushes past their pain to complete what they set out to do is strong without doubt, am I wrong?  Possibly not how they perceived their strength but a strength in them nonetheless.


Sometimes we can not know our greatest strength, until we have overcome our greatest weakness and sometimes, what it take to overcome that weakness is to just be, and be vulnerable.


The world teaches u to build walls and to hide behind them so we don’t get hurt.


It takes a great deal of strength to say, I will not hide behind walls.  To know that there is pain and risk that you will be hurt, yet not change who you are or how you treat people.


Like the athlete they too have pushed past the pain, mental and emotional it may be but pain it is, to complete what they set out to do.


And the person who can risk it, for say, love, will in the end have a deeper more meaningful life when they are rewarded because they are loved for who they are, not for who they appeared to be to save themselves.


That my friends is strength, coming from what some think is weak.


What do you think?



To your mental state, whatever it may be,




15 thoughts on “Strength in Weakness, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. and I agree. The other thing to consider is that in the appearance of being weak, our strength is underestimated by anyone who would choose to harm us… I know what I am saying .. but I don’t know if I said it right…

  1. Be true to oneself requires strength which is not measured from the outside accurately. Strength of character is far more attractive than physical strength. In order to grow such strength, one must show vulnerability and survive despite it.
    Much love and fab moment, Lizzie ❤

    1. it must come from admitting the weaknes too? If we deny we have a weakness… we are not allowing for the strength do you think? oooo I could get seriously lost in thought over this

  2. […] If there was one thing I  would say right off the bat is, that Lizzie writes from her heart. Wishes (7/7)  …She is obviously a very intelligent and well-read individual. She speaks her mind…I’ll pause for a moment for everyone to say…well THAT’S true..or something similar. She has a way of making you think of things you weren’t even aware were issues with yourself until she writes about them. One of her blogs demonstrates this to me… […]

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