Heed my Advice! Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Swiss Chocolates

I don’t necessarily mean MY advice, even though the title may suggest it.

I may not be the best person to take advice from about a lot of things.

I do know a thing or two about some things but I usually try not to just give our advice unless  I am asked.  Even to my kids.  If they don’t ask, they will eventually.  The only advice I offer them without being asked is to listen to their mother.  Not like they hear me anyways because they didn’t ask.

And then of course there is this, I mean have you read the tagline to this blog?

slightly cracked observations and unsolicited advice on bending the rules and being yourself.

that was just in case you somehow missed it before.

but we aren;t going to talk about giving advice that;s another day

Today’s Mental Moment

is actually about taking and heeding advice we get from others.

Advice is like a box of chocolates.  Oh wait that;s life.

It actually works for advice to though.

Advice is like a box of chocolates,  It comes in a various forms, some is really good and some is just full of coconut.

Sometimes it is like a Twinkie.  Ten years and still good.

or…  oh nevermind let;s keep going here…

How you view and receive advice may vary depending on whether you asked for advice, it was offered without your request but from someone you trust and  whose opinion you value, or just on the fly from someone you barely know.

Unless you are a teenager, they tend to not listen to anyone.  Or one of those people blessed to have been given all the answers in life.  Then you probably don’t consider any advice either.

Sometimes the way it is delivered is enough to set our teeth on edge and not want to consider it just for that reason.  For example,  the you should kind. As in “You should do what I am telling you…”

Some people ask advice from everyone before making any major decisions, some before even deciding what kind of toilet paper to buy.

Some people try not to ask for advice because they get more satisfaction from figuring out and doing for themselves.

People offer their advice with the intention of helping and usually based on their own experience.  Maybe they have done what you are doing, maybe they have been where you are.  The ones who offer it unbidden may see you doing something in a way that they figured out a shortcut for.  Or because of their own heartbreak, they don;t want to see another going down the same path.

This is n;t to say that you must always take the advice given to you.  You don’t have to.  Some people feel obligated that if they ask for advice, even sometimes when they haven’t asked, they should then heed the advice given whether they agree  with it or not.

I think that the ones who give advice, good advice, understand that the opinion is valued but not necessarily the rule.  Also that people need to make their own mistakes and if not following advice leads to that, it is on you, the asker.  The sage advice giver will give you their wisdom and let you do what you will with it.  .

Advice is usually offered with the best intentions.  Take it or leave it is up to you.  But at least consider it, look at all the possibilities.  If it is unsolicited, think about why someone would just offer you a morsel of wisdom.   If you have asked for it but don’t want to take it, or maybe only parts of it, don’t worry so much about hurting the person’s feelings.  If following said advice would make you feel miserable or uncomfortable, I would bet that the person who gave it to you would be happy to discuss it with you, and surely if you hold them in high enough esteem that you seek advice from them,  I would bet that they want only good things for you and not to feel uncomfortable in any way.

Advice is all about people sharing ideas and helping each other out.  Helping our friends and loved ones and sometimes even strangers, avoid making mistakes, unnecessary heartache, or other  less than desirable outcomes, so whether we like to take advice or not’, it’s always worth considering and worth being grateful for.

Here is a little clip from one of my all time favorite movies Bull Durham.  In this case, Meat, who wants to bring the heat, has gotten full of himself because he is starting to have success, thanks to the advice of his catcher. and then decides he knows better what kind of ball to throw.  I’d say he learns the hard way, but learns nonetheless.

And before you go, Ladies and Gentlemen take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice!

Ok no, don’t .  That;s not good advice at all.  Just silly and not really feasible since it’s hot out and there isn’t much ice to slide on.  By the time there is hopefully you will forget I said anything.



To your Mental State, Whatever it may be,



12 thoughts on “Heed my Advice! Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. I would be more amenable to receiving unsolicited advice if I didn’t have a psycho bully of a little sister who is convinced that I have no life skills and that she is (her own words) trying to save me from myself. Right, come back when you’re not in debt, not screwing up your relationships, and not alienating all your friends due to your utter lack of social intelligence. *rolls eyes*

    Having said that? It’s so easy to put the onus of advice receipt on the intended target – ‘Can I offer some advice?’ And perhaps they will say no, but most people say yes, and then advice is happily given and (less irately) received. I and several other friends have been coaching a friend who, while book brilliant, is a teense too scientific and hadn’t savvied this as a route towards sharing. She’s doing much better with it with that little tip-off, though; she’s empathic enough to understand she was missing a step.

    Otherwise? Mmm, chocolate, and emphatically boo coconut. 😀

    1. I consider most of the advice given to me and then do what I want 🙂 that makes a lot of sense what you said about your friend and letting them decide – good advice and thank you 😉 (just to say.. I really DO mean that.. sometimes it looks facetious and it isn’t – sometimes it is but not this time… )

  2. Great flick! Love that movie, and have said “And when you speak of me, say nice things” many times. (Not quite the quote, but I got it from that.)
    Back in college, for a long time, I wouldn’t give advice at all. At one point, someone (I didn’t really like) said “Can I give you some advice?” and I had the pleasure of turning to her and saying “No.”.

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