One Nation, and it says Indivisible

I can tell you this isn’t about politics and you may laugh at me and think well, it’s the 8th word into what is offered, so it must be all about politics.

I guess I can start out by conceding the point that it is partly about politics but not about whose are right or wrong.

United we Stand, ONe Nation

I do have my own opinion and I am registered to vote as a specific party I have very strong opinions about politics sometimes, but sharing them here would defeat my purpose.  I will probably end up divulging some of them.

And I will apologize in advance for any offense anyone may take, none is so much intended mostly.  I have a voice that needs to speak and when I am tired, I will be done.  The things I feel I want to say – they aren;t deeply about politics, just surface scratch, I don;t hold it against anyone to not continue to read as politics that really aren;t about politics may not be of interest or you may know we have differences of opinion and want to not hear my voice.  It’s not about this guy or that guy.  Even as it may seem to be so.  

I have reached my opinion and choice by my own thoughts and beliefs and who I think is the best, not along party lines only.  I kind of view the party affiliation as a guidepost, a starting point. My family is almost all one party and I figured if I vehemently disagreed with their particular politics, then I was the other.  I did  a stretch as an Independent for a while just to be rebellious but that;s a  story for when we talk about politics.

one nation under God, AMerican Flag

I have no doubt that there will be someone who will get as far as the word politics and by the time they are here, not even 180 words in, are forming a comment ready to blast me should the wrong name or party name be  written here.

There really are people who are so empowered with the fact that they have a soapbox, that they troll the internet and news feeds looking for ..stuff.  Much of it controversial, much of it annoying and much of it one-sided.  Oh did I mention much of it wrong?

Not so much in its point of fact as its delivery, especially from the hands of a fanatical political person who is desperate for his candidate to win, and will dig up any amount of dirt on the other candidate to ….

to what?

Not wrong because I don’t agree, I don’t disagree with everything

Wrong in  its representation of We the People and The United States of America.

Wrong in its intolerance for a thought or opinion that does not agree,

Wrong in its condemnation of people based on conjecture and the inciting of a mob mentality in a country where we are free to think as individuals.

SO yea there are politics involved but mostly its about ONE NATION.  The one that is reportedly indivisible..  you know that one?  Yea that;s what I am about today.  The United States.  One Nation Under God, Indivisible.  and Missing the point completely.

The point. This country is missing the point.  And woe is the poor soul who tries to bring it back around to the whole point and  remind the clueless what said point and this ONE NATION is supposed to be about.

Because lines are drawn so strongly it seems, in July now and one party has cone out so hard and … against the other that there is no middle ground for some people.

For some, if you aren;t with them then you are against them

You want to see how to tear an indivisible nation apart?

Why won;t people wake up?   How can I say that and say I am not like the ones of which I speak?  What gives me the right and how do I think I know the point?   Are you asking me that yet?

Who do I think I am?

Well, my name is Lizzie and I am a citizen of this great country for one, which gives me, as well as you and all of the people I may be pissing off right now, the right to say what I want when and where I want.   But that doesn’t mean I do.

I could.  I have a platform and an audience.  Yes I would most likely lose some if I started to use this as a political agenda forum… but I might gain more.

There is a lot of power in that.  Great power in being able to manipulate words to manipulate the public opinion.  Its called propaganda if it’s designed to have someone go against one entity and toward another and not a matter of truth.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Uncle Ben wasn’t just blowing a bunch of smoke up Spidey’s A.,., butt.

Propaganda is a weapon of psychological warfare and commonly used by our Military to sway public opinion in the Foreign places there is conflict and the US feels it is in their best interest to do such and with a nonaggressive weapon (no bodily harm).  Hearts and Minds ringing any bells?

Depending on the type they use it may or may not damage psyches.  There are three levels and it is always best to stay to the one with the most truth.  That;s what the trained professionals do.  The problem with the next two levels is the deeper into subterfuge and lying to sway opinions you get the more likely it is that the people will figure it out and rebel.  Then the opposite of what the desired effect happens.

Incidentally it is against the law for the US military to utilize psychological warfare tactics on home soil.

Deceitful propaganda in the wrong hands will demoralize and possibly ruin a ruler and his lackeys…and subsequently the people of the country.    But its a free country so why not everybody give it a try?

Sure it happens every election year.  Not in July.  Three and a half months before the election?  The mob mentality is typically more effective right before the election and I don’t think this level of frenzied shit flinging can be sustained for that long.  It is disaster waiting to happen.

Because when the people figure out that they have been had by a desperate ploy for votes and then don’t know what lies to believe are true anymore…   🙄   they might want to know what the candidates can actually do for our country.

Don;t ya think?  Maybe?

So the great power great responsibility thing, well in order for m to feel ..good about the political spew, I would have to do research and I am not big on that.  Plus, it would get lost in all the propaganda by the fanatics insisting not that their candidate is the best because he did this….

only that he is the best because the other one didn’t do that, or inhaled or got a dui, or had sexual relations with the Vatican’s goats.   oi vey!

The point this country is missing is not to be discovered in Mitt Romney;s tax returns.

Who cares how he spends his money?  He is rich and self-made millionaire I kinda think maybe he knows how to do it wisely.  We should be making a point of finding out how OUR TAX DOLLARS are being spent don’t you think?

Oh you think you got me as a Romney camper?

The point won;t be discovered in Obama’s Birth Certificate, and really who cares anymore?  If he produces it and its found he whatever the reason they want it for, are they gonna take away the last 4years?   Have a do over?   Little slap on the wrist?

I won’t be outed .. this is not about politics.

Its about Americans losing their ever loving minds and dividing – yes the indivisible – while the whole world watches.

Yup, all the responsible political agenda bloggers that just do it cause you can, without thought to how you are representing your country…  cause you have First Amendment Rights and by God ( you know the one that you didn’t want lumped in on your statehoodliness)  you are gonna say whatever you feel like..

Bravo!!!  You have a world audience to the Nanny Nanny Boo Boo and rubber glue idiocy of the current campaign.  Boy oh boy I bet we are not even close to the biggest joke going right now..

Right about now  I think some of the biggest mouths about how much they love their country so don;t vote for the other guy would learn a good lesson in the military.

As a soldier you learn that you are a representitive of the United States of  America, everywhere you go and everything you do.  If you are stationed in a foreign country, you are reminded often.  It doesn;t matter what your politics are when its all said and done, The President of the United States is the top dog.  You can vote anyway you like but you support The President whether you like him and his politics or not.  A united  front.

One Nation Under God, Indivisible

Any idea why that is?  That is part of the point.   You know why, but the ones who ignore it, and just do your own thing thinking I dunno what…

What do you show the world about us?  What have you done?  WHat has your shitflinging done to the beliefs in country and God of the American people?  oh sorry that was the politicians.

Why are we tearing each other to pieces and MISSING THE POINT?

Great power, great responsibility and there is a lot of irresponsible action going on.

FInger pointing, name calling, intolerance and bigotry.  Let’s not make it about race but let;s call Romney the Great White Hope…  ok no race card.

Lets not make it about …  geez..

I am tired.  I am disillusioned, not in my country but its people, its leaders.  What is happening that we subscribe to the easiest thing out there, that anyone can say whatever they want without merit and suddenly the mob gets swept away and a mans reputation is trashed and we are about to elect our next president based solely on …  what?

It should be and used to be based on who showed leadership abilities, who could do the job.

Our next president is going to be the one whose camp misguides the people the least before the election in 3 months?  I have to hear this hatred and bickering and ..

ignorance for 3 more months.

DId anyone who jumped on the crucify the dead man and destroy his reputation because he can;t deny anything and then the heat is off others bandwagon (don’t forget bored and want to look intelligent) …actually read the report?  I mean all of it?  Or just the carefully chosen excerpts taken out of context?

Does anybody remember when Hoover was around?  The communist thing?  Me either.  But it seems so…., I dunno.  Nevermind

One Nation Under God, Indivisible…(  because if we don’t stand together as a nation then , we stand for nothing as a nation… dammit).

With Liberty and Justice for all.

That’s the point.


14 thoughts on “One Nation, and it says Indivisible

  1. I’m reading a biography of Benjamin Franklin, and it turns out the kind of libel and slander you’re talking about in our politics actually predates our country.

    I agree with everything you’ve said here as strongly as I possibly can. Unfortunately, whatever our candidates do, they do because we let them.
    It’s possible we aren’t that bright after all…

    1. as long as the standards of morality and truth are set so low – how can we be? Unfotunately it is not the majority who see the inherent pitfalls of the path we are on… I think in God we Trust is our motto because who the hell else is trustworthy? and coming fro me ? We have people wanting to represent us that are not qualified to do so because they don;t understand what ir means to be indivisible and just want to take advantage of their “rights” that were not earned by them.. not fought for by them, and I am thinking not understood what it really means. I feel I have nore than earned the right to bitch all I want to… and I strugle with what consequences there may be if I post my humble opinion and try to make the point about this country and not about … who is right and who is less right.. there is nore than one way to get to the top of the mountain.. and where the hell are my mighty caribou herds of yore I am needing the extra thunder… I am voting so I can bitch but I wont do it in a public forum.. I won’t be a bad representative of my country.. and I had heard that Ben was kinda a dog…. I wish people would use the brains the good whoever hands the out gave them…or did they quit handing out the good ones? phew.. ok.. nope not bright so much..

      1. thanks – there was one of those little monster gravatars while it was switching over… soI look like I am smart? can you take me seriously? Gosh I hope not… 😉

  2. I don’t think making a clear intelligent argument (which you did) is bad-mouthing your country. I’d like to think that the vast majority thinks as you do (about the quality of discourse) and will make their voices heard on election day.
    Probably not, but I like to think so anyway…

    1. that my friend is one of the things that keeps America great… we can and do dream.. its like Apple pie.. the American Dream.. now I am getting corny – wonder why corn on the cob isn;t a national uh… vegetable.. because it didnt; have the ear of…oh nevermind.. thats not nice

  3. I soooo agree with what you’re saying….was there ever ‘fair and clean’ politics..Who is the best person to do the job….tell us what you’re going to do not what the other guy isn’t!! Diane

  4. Truer words haven’t been said in a long time! We can all take our stands politically, where we fall on the political spectrum, what platforms we agree with and which we do not. Most of this is fairly easy to define. Most of us individually usually fall somewhere in the middle, never all the way to the right or left except on very specific issues. Candidates pander, always have and always will, so as citizens we are supposed to be able to look at accomplishments and character and select one that we believe will do the best job. These days though it has been picking the one that won’t do the worst job.

    Our nation is being torn apart. It is terribly sad to watch. You are so right, those words One Nation Indivisible….we need to start hearing these words and reminding ourselves more frequently.

  5. Well… I think part of the reason we have so much shit-slinging is because people don’t know any better. Call me idealistic but, I think if we as a public were better educated on policy and government in general this would be less of an issue? Like do most people know what a filibuster is and why the current use of filibusters in Congress are a problem: if they did, I think things would be more clear. Not on that issue, that was just an example: but like, procedural stuff, what our government does, etc. I also think if people knew more about the system, they might… I don’t know… take pride in it? Also, I think the thing is policy and government are not intuitive: a government isn’t like running your household expenses, etc. Just like balancing your personal budget isn’t really like the kind of budgeting you would do if you were say… a huge corporation. I don’t know when the Jeffersonian-anybody-can-do-it attitude came into play but perhaps we need to look back at that system and re-evaluate. (Or for people who think government is all corrupt let’s revisit what corruption really got us to and how the merit system or affirmative action really works….)

    I’m just a policy nerd though, what do it I know.

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