Silly Monkeys Mid Afternoon Mental Moment

Pardon our Dust as we Interrupt

the scheduled programming because one of  the Monkeys is a Dufus.

Not a monkey
is it? or isn’t it?


But come back in a bit…   we will be back up and silly

Don;t Make Me Come Find You!

I will too…

you can run…   if you ant to or you can leave your friends behind cause if they dont run …

oh ooops….

Just come back later… You will get a notice… really .. in your mailbox..

I have to go find some links and …stuff…   they broke..

Cough Cough..  dusty..

2 thoughts on “Silly Monkeys Mid Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. I know right. One of the drawbacks of waiting too long to start these Mentak Moments is that if it tanks well you are stuck. IN mud. It is kinda gushy and feels good between the toes but then if you focus on that too long ..the moment is gone. I had was right there in the palm of my hand… then I got this flash of brilliance about something else…a mental image if you will and poof…I lost it into te atmoshpere… the Mental Moment not the other idea…

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