One Puny Ant, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Today is Tuesday.

State the Obvious and then let’s move on.

Although I get that song in my head every Tuesday now, no matter how I rush through the daily stuff.


Today’s Mental Moment

is just a quicky

Food for thought, or thought for thought I guess.  Food for thought is kinda silly don’t you think?  I mean you don;t give your thoughts food.  unless the thought is the food to the thought …

now we really are moving on.

The thing about ants is that one puny ant cant do much.

ants, one ant, strength in numbers
I am just one puny ant..what the heck do you want ?

But the whole colony of them can move mountains.  Literally, if they are Army ants they can do all kinds of damage,

Consider this;

One person may not be abe to change the world.

But you get a bunch of people involved and raise a ruckus and youwould be amazed at the difference.

We aren’t really like an ant colony, but essentially we really are.

I will let you work on that for a while.

If just one person gets 5 other people on the bamd wagon and they get five each and they get five each,,,, the next thing you know 1 person for change has turned into 100,000 people watning to make that change.

One puny ant turns to a million not so puny ants and there ya have it.

What do you want to change in the world?

Even grasshoppers understand the concept, well one does, but they catch on quick



To your Mental State, Whatever it my be,,,,

signature, LIzzie CRACED


10 thoughts on “One Puny Ant, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. That is one of my FAVE scenes from that movie…and I love James Woods’ voice, mmmm, but that is another post. But you know what? The puny ant does change the world by motivating all the misinformed, complacent, lazy, basement dwelling ants.
    Much love ❤

    1. yep… he surely does.. its amazing what we ..I mean ants can do when they put their minds to it and get out of the pack mentality… colony? group? ummmm yea ..mob maybe? Jst when I thought I was out..
      I knew that was James woods but I didn;t .. how silly of me. are ya gonna do it soon? the other post? huh huh huh? 😉
      Hugs and a DONUT!!

      1. Actually, I believe I am. I seemed to have gotten my Talk Tuesday back after all. So, that may be a Tuesday soonly ❤

  2. Yeah, but there’s something a little chilling about that one charismatic ant sending all the drone ants to screw up your picnic…

    My tuesday song is The Kings – Switch Into Glide. (nothin matters but the weekend, from a Tuesday point of view…)

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