Disinformation and Misinformed Folks, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Hello Fine People and Welcome to another ..oh, that’s right we can’t ay it here anymore,


I told you it would start all over again on Friday didn’t I?  And I was right by gosh!

I really need to make a Monday Unamed Day sign but I haven;t yet.

I bet some of you are trying to figure out what


is all about.  Lately I have been getting lucky with the lead-ins and they happen to pertain to the days Moment.  I love when that happens, I couldn’t plan it any better.  🙂

So I am sure looking at what’s what, you may have a couple of possible themes in mind but guess what?

You would probably be WRONG!

Why?  Oh I did that on purpose to lead into today’s Moment of Mental Madness and SIlly Songs.

Oh no silly songs either oops sorry.  That was a genuine error on my part.

Ok let’s get on with it.. I don;t want any rumors flying around that the mental moment has turned into a mental hour and I forgot the silly songs.  That might start a ..riot or something?  And all on the wrong information.

truth (Photo credit: Erick-Pardus)

We have all met them or been exposed to them during our life.  The ones who like to stir the pot and will take anything you say out of context if it will promote their agenda.  They dig for information on you that will discredit you, talk loud and proud about what a complete as….

Without a thought to reputation, or truth only to thier own ideas .  You won’t ever hear them talking about them selves, because part of the whole point is to put the spotlight away from them.

You wont; even hear them saying the good things about you.  And it won;t matter if the bad is just a whispered rumor with no basis of fact,  or a silly explicative that someone uttered and they caught.

When confronted they will not admit wrong or change their direction, they just find something else.

A good example I am sure you are thinking is the political arena.  And it isn;t just the candidates themselves that are acting this way.  Fanatic supporters will throw out any thing that they hear but when you return in kind if you don;t have proof then you are stupid and must be some kind of idiot if you can’t see the truth right before you.

Problem is a lot of us do see the truth and the fanatics rhetoric, is not it.  But there is no way to get that point into their thick fanatical zealot souls.  (Was that too harsh?)

It is frustrating, and disheartening and ..just plain hard to swallow.

Consider This;

That someone can get on their soapbox and proclaim loudly that someone else is a jerkface, and if they do it the right way and say the right things …what happens to the truth.,

And all it takes is pissing a person who is a shit flinger off… not thinking the way they think or (God forbid)_ challenging their statements,  and you could have this kind of campaign against you too  Smaller scale obviously.

It’s Democracy in action folks.

Sad that we have come to the point where we elect our leaders based on which camp has the least amount of shit stuck to them at the end game instead of their capabilities as a leader.

One of the greatest injustices of life is the intolerance humans have for each other.

I get very angry if I get involved with someone like that.  No, I don’t try to change their opinion, usually that will somehow give them more fuel for the fire. Lately I have just felt sorry for them.

Because they only try to point out everyone else’s wrong doings and dig up dirt so you don;t ever look at theirs.  They don’t feel very good about themselves or the life they lead.,  And that is sad.

Anyways here is a little clip for you showing Wonder Woman’s reaction to such crap.  I kinda agree with her.. I wouldn;t put my fist through a tv but… yea…


To your Mental State, Whatever it may be…

Lizzie Cracked

18 thoughts on “Disinformation and Misinformed Folks, Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Great moment and video.
    Very sad that zealotry (on both sides of the political spectrum) is the standard these days. I’ve heard it said that democracies get the govt they deserve.
    Doesn’t say anything good about us…

    1. excellent point and yes sadly, I am afraid you are right. I am looking into a large island in the middle of nowhere…I of course will be the supreme empress but I am nice… so just keep it in mind ..

      1. Come as you are or as you want rather..i am a tolerant.and.benevolent leader.

        Politics,was the obvious similarity here.. Figured everyone would t hink its about that anyhow… But I have met people that spend rheir lives trashing others to deny their own crap.. it baffles me.

        also I am considering atarting a group PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF CANDIDATES.. maybe it will rub off.. Ta know treat them right .. Etc? I know its a stretch… But one can dream

    2. What? We have the best politics money can buy….Where else but here can you elect a governor for a fourth term AFTER he has been indicted for racketeering and postpone his trial until his term is finished so he can go to Club Fed for 10?

      1. Those of us who know how to dig will still be here. I am telling you, knowing how to operate a drag line and a backhoe is a great extra curricular skill 😉

      2. When the time comes, I’ll just steal a boat and survive on my fishing skills.
        Someplace in the new tropics…off New Foundland perhaps…

  2. Nicely said. Some people just want to feel better by making everyone else feel bad.

    But not politicians. I’ll start treating them ethically when they start treating voters ethically, and not one second sooner.

  3. you are so right – and the closer we get to an election, the worse it seems to get!!! But I find it really sad when interpersonal relationships get like that. Like with someone you work with, or a relative or something. I know too many people that only feel better when they are making others seem less than dirt!!! And some folks do it cuz they like to see the other person squirm. I hate that. And I stay far away from them. Even if they seem to like me.

    L8R G8R,


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