Opinions are like… Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

Oh boy Look it!  Look what day it is!  We made it we made it….


Friday, Sparkly Friday

we made it so we can turn around and do it all over again.

Silly but still, doing it all over again, even waiting for it so we can wash rinse and repeat, is better than the alternative.  At least in my opinion.  Not that you asked ,my opinion or maybe even care than I have one.  I know you do.  Have one I mean, not necessarily care about mine.

I like to hear what other people’s opinions are.  About anything and everything.

And if I have a different opinion, or another perspective, I also like to challenge people to think.  It doen’t mean I want to change your mind, or have issue if you don;t, just give you more information and possibly flex some different brain cells and debate the issue a little.

Nothing wrong with a difference of opinion in a friendly setting.

Today;s Mental Moment…

Is about that very thing.  I love when it all just flows together, don’t you?

If you have an opinion,’ Id like to hear it.  That is one of the things that keeps life interesting.  People are alike in so many ways but differ in opinion in even more.  Can you imagine what kind of world we would live in where everyone felt,  thought and acted on something the very same way?

Can you?

For the most part people can share their thoughts and ideas and opinions and it provides a great starting point for a conversation and /or may lead to spirited debate if you have a strong opinion that you are right.

Some people share their opinions loudly and proudly, with or without prompting, some people keep their opinions to themselves unless asked, and some use writing or art to express their opinion and are indeed opinionated, but don’t feel that they have the right,  or the need to assert their opinion on others, and  of course the ones who do feel that not only is their opinion the right one, that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is stupid.

Opinions, folks, are like assholes.  Everyone has one, some are just more full of shit than others.

Public speaking

That is not my opinion that is a simple truth.  (which is my opinion because I have no statistical data to back it up, therefore, opinion. )

Consider this,

Everyone is entitled o their own opinion but they are not entitled to force it on anyone else.

If  it was a fact and correct, provable and not up for debate as to its validity, it wouldn’t be an opinion, it would be a fact.

That seems a pretty easy concept for the most part for people to grasp, except, when it cones to two things for sure.  Politics and Religion.  Yikes!  I said it.,..

I have seen people turn from agreeable laid back understanding, intelligent human beings to I dunno what the hell happened when politics or religion are brought up. They are subjects that provoke very intense feelings and, especially with religion, often there is no proof or disproof, it’s all blind faith and conjecture.

Politics can be that way too.

Today I asked someone to back up the talk they talk.  I gave them my opinion and only did it to illustrate a point that there is too much shitflinging going on in the political arena.

Well sure there is its election year.  Holy crap.

I wasn’t even really pointed at the political, more the method of delivery, basically being that I would like to hear why one man is THE MAN rather than why the opposing candidate isn;t.

Or, tell me something good about your guy instead of bashing the other guy.

I am never for putting someone down to make oneself or anyone else feel or seem better than they truly are.  And …  I merely pointed out that the crap that was being spewed and flung around could be applied to both candidates.,

Long story shorter than it rally was,

I got called stupid.   A child, a fool.  A moron.

Woo hooo… all  because my opinion was not the same as the person I was ..having the spirited debate with.  The really crappy thing is, I was willing to change my opinion if he could tell me what was right with his man, and not keep shoving what was wrong with the other down my throat.

Stupid, fool, moron,  that;s his opinion.  He is entitled to it.  I could give a monkey’s  buttcheek what he thinks because I know he is wrong.  (fact)

It was also amazingly defensive, personal and revealed a level of ignorance that I thought my ..ahem.. opponent was above.

I was under the assumption that my sparring partner was highly educated and a voice of the people that he was influential in teaching the right way of things,like politics.  My opinion it seems was wrong.  He isn;t here to teach, just preach to the choir.  What a shame.

Again, my opinion, but it isn;t that hard to prove if I had to.  Or I cared.

If I was the kind of person that if you don;t agree with me I would say you are stupid.

I am not that person (fact) and I betcha a dollar to a donut that I am a lot easier to get along with, and have a lot less personal stress in my life than someone who is.  I dont worry so much about what your opinion is, its yours, you are entitled to it.  I worry about my own house and my own head.  Thank you very much.

The really truly ironic thing is, if Mr YOUR STUPID CAUSE YOU ASKED ME AN INTELLIGENT QUESTION I CAN:T ANSWER had tried to answer my question instead of personally attacking me and my character and intelligence, he may just have swayed me to see it his way.

What a shame.

This Mental Moment is a nugget of wisdom that requires a little thought and forming your own opinion.  How do feel about opinions and are you accepting and willing to listen or are you narrow-minded and think you are right?  That;s for you to ponder.

Someone who can not entertain another perspective, nor defend his own without insults and diversionary tactics that involve things like… name calling, might as well shout out to the world from wherever their chosen platform is… I am a bag of hot air.

Ore other thing about opinions that I think is really good to remember, whether you are worried that your opinion has changed or are anally twisted because you can;t get other to see your way of thinking.

Opinions are also like people.  They  can change.

To your Mental State, Whatever it may be.

Lizzie Cracked


23 thoughts on “Opinions are like… Mid-Afternoon Mental Moment

  1. Opinions belong to each person and we shouldn’t try to force them on others…that’s like trying to control another …and we know we can’t do that …at least not unless the other person lets us…and you didn’t let someone do that to you…yayyyy!! Diane

    1. well, I didn;t always knw what my opinion was and what was someones elses being fobbed off on me… I worlded hard to know what I think and I am not gonna let some ..other person..take it away from me like that … 😉

  2. On the other hand, it sounds like your boy wonder gave you a perfect education on what happens way too often in the political arena these days – attack without thought.
    So maybe he is an unintentional Yoda.
    Or a jackass.

    1. jackass… lesson already learned. in the end.. mr facts do your research tripped himself up with a blatantly WRONG statement … nothing left to say, He went back under his rock for awhile… very possible I am blocked.. which just.. tears me up. 🙄 yup no yoda

  3. I’ve always felt that one of the hallmarks of being an actual adult is being able to say, ‘Ohai, we disagree, but that’s okay. Thank you for sharing your opinion, because that means I am better able to form and consider mine. I hope my opinion does the same for you, even if we disagree.’ Respect, yanno… sort of vital.

    1. totally – and I dont even think it has to be about being an adult… I mean I am iffy on it cause I refuse to be an adult.. sigh ok.. but that’s exactly it.. we share ideas and opinions..and take others to benefit our thinking… not shove them down anothers throat…

      1. Oh, I steadfastly refuse to be stolid. If I want a pillow fort, I’ll have me a pillow fort. If I think something is going to be fun to do that others might be childish, sod ’em – I’m gonna have fun instead. 😀

  4. I had a t-shirt back in the day,”Agree to Disagree” VOTE! I loved it then and it still rings true for me today. Great Post 🙂

  5. You nailed it Lizzie! Opinions are personal, they define what we think and even what we feel. They hopefully do not lay boundaries around our friendships. My family is really funny, for the most part we have Left and Right / Liberals and Conservatives. We often argue mightily over political positions (doesn’t change we love each other though sometimes we don’t like each other). But you know who falls in which camp by a very simple thing:

    Testosterone Poisoning = Conservative
    Estrogen Enhanced = Liberal

    The above only includes those directly related. Those who married into the family tend to be less inclined to fall into the camps of their hormones.

    1. the members of my family that are blood related all fall n the same camp… i balked for awhile but came around although I am not extreme by any means… the ones that married into the family are all the ohter camp.. its an interesting dynamic. And they get teased. but obvioulsy we love them.. its not like we married them to torture them with our politics… well.. uh.. yea ..no not al all.. 🙂

  6. Thoughts go through the mind…Opinions through the mouth…
    Zealots usually, do not have original thoughts, generally they spout the “Party Line” and tend to get louder and more debasing the further into a corner that they are pushed. But that’s just my “Opinion”..

  7. My favorite line for this particular argument is:

    The shit your flinging is truly malodorous. Are your insides rotten genetically or from the poison in your mouth?

    I hate politics.

    And opinions are like bellybuttons. (Search M3 for “gradu”. It is an SEP.)


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