Meet ,Greet and Embrace the Moments, Mid Afternoon Mental Moment

Look at this will you?  Another Thursday has snuck upon us and time is just

fwooooshhhh  flitting by.  Yeah That’s what that rush of air that went by your head earlier was.

Mandala, Time passing

Time.  The days and hours and seconds and months and the moments.

Today’s Mental Moment…

Well how about that? Talking about moments in the Mental Moment.  You can’t plan a moment like that no siree.

Ok, you could but it just wouldn’t be so neat.  I thought it was neat.  I didn’t plan it really.  I rarely ever plan these things.

It’s whatever moves me at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong.  I get inspired and I will write it down maybe do a little rough draft kinda thingy.  But typically,  at the time the Mental Moment is supposed to be going out,  if I am not feeling it, or I have another something in mind that may improve a friend’s Mental State..or I happen to wander over to another blog and find something that inspires me and I want to inspire you ..well there’s the moment.

Why do you think I am late all the time?

Ok what were we talking about?  Oh me being moved.  Not an easy thing to do.  Donuts help.   A lot.  Just saying.

No, we were talking about moments.  The Moments of our lives.  Kinda sounds like a soap opera doesn’t it… oh oh oh here’s a good tag line.. like sands through the hour glass..these are the moments of our lives..

Wicked cool huh?

But seriously that is a truth.  They go by fast and often without notice while we are focusing on the big picture.  But the moments are like the pixels that make up that big picture.   Each one is important, if one were missing, the whole picture might look different.

Consider this;

Every thing in our lives, the things we look forward to, the days we mark as special and yes, even the not so great stuff, can be reduced to one single moment that made it what it is.

Your anniversary with your significant other?  The moment you met.

Birthday’s?   The moment of conception.

That big job promotion?  The moment you had the inspiration to do what you do for work.

Are ya with me?  (right here in this moment )

Moments pass by unmarked and yet they are the markers of our whole life.

Don’t you want to stop ignoring the moments and meet greet and embrace them?  They have significance,  without them there is no big picture.

This video shows some people who meet their moments head on and eat them for lunch.  Now that;s a way to enjoy them for sure.  I found it and subsequently lifted it from a blog a follow by a really cool guy Eric Murtaugh.  He is a freelance writer and an adventurous kinda guy who writes about his observations on such.  He writes about all kinds of nifty helpful things to get you off your butt and out into life, the great adventure.  You should go check him out.  I have learned quite a bit.

And it is this kind of thing that he posted yesterday that gets me thinking about life, and living and being in the moment.  As I told him, at least I think I did,  I live in my head a lot and I can let my mind go free and have the adventure in my mind.  There are no boundaries what I can do there.

I do that with cleaning house too ( I left that part out)  but what I am getting at is, it would be really cool to meet moments like this in my life.

How about yours?

there are three other videos that are very cool over there too – go check them out.

No, not NOW…after the Mental Moment.  Geesh.  Stay in the moment people quit rushing through everything.


To your Mental State, Whatever it may be…  (better be in the moment… right now)    😉    (and thanks Eric!) 

Lizzie Cracked

6 thoughts on “Meet ,Greet and Embrace the Moments, Mid Afternoon Mental Moment

    1. Hahahaha I will never say that the same way again! sigh… first patience then getting stoked at 3 am.. now.. look at this will ya? good moment within a moment… they are like onions now.. or ogres.. ?? layers..look!! 🙂

  1. Some of my best moments of the kind in the video are the ones where the brain is off the hook and just watches while the body does it’s thing.
    And I’m feeling kind of smug that I’ve tried most of the stuff in that video (not at that level, but still…)
    *wanders off to find a clif bar*

    1. hey.. a moment here… hellooooo… who cares at what level, you can add naked bar dancing.. now thats what I call meeting the moment.. Dude..

      what’s a cliff bar? just kidding..

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